Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adventures of Rim,Jim and Sim - Sim brings Home a Dog

Before you start wondering with why Sim bringing home a Dog has to occupy a chapter in our evergreen memoirs of life,a bit of history will be of much use in shedding light on the incident which was unthinkable in our lives.It would be wrong to say that Sim hated Dogs; To tell that Sim repulsed Dogs with every cell of his body would come somewhat nearer in describing his attitude towards dogs. Knowing this i feel you could understand the magnanimous of Sim when he adopted a dog as his pet.

It all started with Sim 3rd grade Science class and his attempts to understand the difference between 5 sense and 6 sense species. When we was in his 3rd grade, his Science teacher when talking on some topic struck upon this topic of difference between humans and animals. I know talking about these kind of topics in 3rd grade is somewhat strange,yet maybe the Science teacher wanted her students to be advanced in their thinking... Anyhow,when all the basic differences had been told by the students(Sim claims he had also made his own contribution. His point - Animals have 4 legs whereas Humans have 2 legs), the teacher elaborated further saying that Humans have 6 senses whereas animals have 5 senses.

Sim was bowled over by the thought that 1 sense can make that big difference. Anyhow, before Sim let his imagination go flying, the teacher explained how the 6th sense mattered. She went on to explain that other than the five basic senses, seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting every human has sixth sense, that sense of other-worldliness, a connection to something more and greater than their physical senses are able to perceive.I assume it would have impacted Sim profoundly to know that he is in possession of an extra sense, which the poor animals haven't been bestowed upon.

And guess what he did... As curious he ever was he decided to test if really the other animals possessed this extra-sense or not. He reached this conclusion after 2 weeks of deep thinking. To think that a 3rd grade child can think for 2 week on a single topic is unheard of, yet that's what makes Sim different. He was a prodigy in is own way.He decided to go ahead with his experiment plan. The only mistake little Sim made was with regards to the timing and the 'object' on which he experimented.

Sim's neighbor had a dog, a German Shepherd a little bigger than a pup size. Sim plan was to enter his neighbors house when the dog would be sleeping. I think the word 'perceive' in his Science teacher's explanation of 6th sense was taken as such by Sim and he reasoned that if he enters the house successfully it would mean the dog has no 6th sense and his teachers theory would be proved. He was so confident of the theory of the 5 senses of the dog that he overlooked the fact that dogs are meant to guard homes and have a special sense for that.Anyhow,our Child prodigy Sim silently tiptoed to his neighbors home in the afternoon when he was sure that everyone inside the home will be asleep and the dog would also be having his afternoon nap. His plan was to go in the house and come out silently without the Dog finding it out. He tiptoed silently till the open veranda before the house and climbed the stairs and would have had just touched the door, when disaster struck. The dog's mighty sense sensed an intruder and it leapt on Sim.

Fortunately for Sim the dog had been tied and the rope size restriction saved the day for Sim. He escaped with 3 dog bites and barking sounds very close to his ears which left him in a dazed state. I think the dog would have been happier to gift Sim few more of its juicy bites but for the house-owner who rushed down and saved Sim. Sim's explanation that he came there looking for a ball satisfied everyone. But
since that day, Sim got a suspicion that Dog also possess 6th sense. My reasoning to him that if the Dog had possessed 6th sense, then it would have bite its own rope binding him and would have taken few extra bites of him failed to convince him.

And from then on,Sim developed a revulsion against dogs that would have prompted the Dog's community to sign a peace-treaty with him, had it known this. But as in all cases, Sim had a weakness. His desire to impress girls ensured he signed a new peace treaty with the dog's species. It all started when a girl joined his company as a new employee. Sim considered her the most beautiful girl(which he considers every girl on a routine basis) and began to trouble us with his pathetic odes to the girl back in our room.

Someone had said that Life is like a chess game and it plays an unexpected move which would leave you dazed. Destiny had similar plans for Sim. That girl turned out to be living in the same locality as ours. The brilliant destiny move was that she loved dog's and she owned one which she took for walking daily to the nearby park. A cute Pomeranian. Sim's revulsion of dogs had to take a back seat and his decision to do the unthinkable - adopting a pet dog was influenced by an single incident which changed his life and the poor dogs' life for ever.

To be contd...

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♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...


it was a cutest post....sim is indeed cute.... and the way u expressed made him more cuter

what an ordeal for sixth sense and what a sacrifce he made for a girl :P


Priya Joyce said...

hehehe pehle toh tere "to be continued" ki mei watt lagaungi hi hi

well I loved reading it...specially the part abt inspection of sim abt the dog's sixth sense :P

keep writing bro

Priyadharshini said...

Hey!!I too had done the sixth sense experiments...but this one was with a cow.. the result was that it lacked even basic common sense.