Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Adventures of Rim,Jim & Sim - Sim goes Gyming !! - Part II

P.S: First part of The Adventures of RJS - Sym goes Gyming can be read here.

We went out for a our dinner and once we came back, we were had to be content by hearing about Sim's theories on loosing weight. The unique thing about Sim is that you never know when his brain decides to come out of its dormancy and decides to do something. It is at these times that Sim comes up with some theories which makes me think as if he had a blood relation to Leonarda Vinci. One of his ideas was about body reduction. He was of the view that 60-90 days were a long time. He said 3-5 days should be sufficient. According to him, take the joiners and desert them in a lone island where there are plenty of cocunut trees.,.The food and other related stuff can be kept at the top of the cocunut trees, and whoever wants to have food, they can climb the tree up and down,. According to Sim, if this routine continued for a week, the participants will be guaranteed to lose weights.,. Jim was concerned about 2 things.,.One was about law suits which could be charged against the organizers for intentionally deserting the people and similar charges.,. Secondly was Sim's obsession with coconut trees,.,. As far as we know, he didnt know any Keralite girls, yet who knows.,. He has so many friends ;).,.

So went Sim, giving us ideas on how he is going to reduce his body and make himself a sort of Greek God.,. Iam an ardent follower of Gandhigiri and believe firmly in Gandhian principles, yet Sim's speeches was testing my resolve,., The thing is he wont allow you to sleep.,.if you close your eyes, he will come nearer to you and will look so closely at you as if you have dropped dead.,. And the more scarier thing is when you open your eyes while he is looking at you.,. His eyes will be so close to your face that you will get the biggest shock of your life.,. When asked why he does that he just remarks that he was analzysing whether we had slept or not.,. So similarly, on that day, he successfully kept us awake till 12pm(Our usual sleeping time is 10:30 pm), after which he rushed to sleep saying that he needed to go to Gym early next day and that we people had delayed him by making him speak !! Its when things like this happen, when you feel that Life is really unfair.

I usually get up at 7:30.,. Yet i was woken up at 6:00 on that day.,. Jim's usual waking time is 6:00.,. He wakes up and then after refreshing goes for his morning jogs.,. On that day, it was a mixture of sounds which woke me up.,. There was a yelp sound and then there was sound of astonishment.,. Hurriedly i woke up, assuming that there had been some bomb blasts,so i got up from my bed and went out.,. In the Main hall, i saw a strange scene.,. Sim was sitting hunched down, holding his legs and angrily glaring at Jim, who stood near him, equally frustrated.,. I couldnt understand what happened.,. Sim complained that Jim had stumped on his legs., Jim accusation was why the hell Sim lying there in the hall instead of his bed.,. It seems that Sim who had been told that one has to do a warm-up before taking up Gym activities had woke up at 5 pm and had been exercising from then.,. He did some stretching exercises and then some push ups.,. Iam sure he pushed himself very hard because while doing push ups, he had felt a bit exhausted and streched across the floor itself and within no time fell asleep. It was then Jim who had woken up, stumbled upon him and in the darkness, stumped on Sim's leg.,. Then Jim and Sim went on their own ways getting ready to go to Gym, while i retired back to my bed. Sim looked as if he would drop dead again, yet his valiant knight in him made him go on.,.

At the end of the day,when i came back to home in the evening,Jim was rolling on the floor laughing and Sim face looked so fallen as if he had aspired for an Olympic medal and missed it by quite closely. On asking i got a summarized version of the day happenings.,. It seems after going to Gym, Sim saw other people doing some stretching exercises., Since Sim had taken the effort to stretch quite early,he presumed he could go on with advanced level of exercising... He went on to lift heavy dumb-bells.,. His adversary,the Trainer came and told him to join the warm-ups group before he could go on to do advanced exercises.Sim said he had already done the stretch-up's., The trainer said to him to do a few more stretch-up, so that he will be in a right condition to exercise and asked him to do some push-up's. Push-up's being the Achilles heal of Sim, nevertheless decided to give it a shot.,. He did 2 push-up and that was the end of push-ups. It was down from then onwards.,.

Sim later wondered why he was not able to do Push-up's then, because he had just taken 70 push-up's half an hour before in the home.,. Well thats Sim for you !! Because of the inadequacy in doing the push-up's the trainer assumiing that Sim might faint, asked him to sit aside for sometime, relax for sometime and then come back to exercise. He should have known better.., Sim,who usually wakes late, was waiting for this opportunity. Both his mind and body decided to unite against his so called will to exercise and then when he went to sit down for sometime, it got changed to lay down for sometime,. He slept solidly for 2 hours,(he would have slept for more time), with anxious people around him.,. The Gym trainer had forgot about Sim's presence and it was the cleaner who found him craddled in a corner and then called up the administration to see more on it.

It was then the trainer remembered that there was a person who had gone to rest. The other people had a hearty laugh and then Sim came home red-faced and then went about his daily work.,. I didnt know if i had to pity Sim or laugh at him.,. Yet being a good room-mate i could just give him a decent smile, before retiring to my bed and then laughing on it when-ever i recall the incidents.,. It seemed the next day,he had an appointment with the Gym dietician to decide on his eating habits.,.

Later next day, though didnt wake up early, he went promptly by 6 to meet the dietician.,. There the dietician had prescribed a food schedule and asked him if he had any doubts. Sim, looked at the schedule and asked him if he was supposed to eat that before or having his normal diet.... the diet included fresh juice,vegetables and Adequate fluid.,. The dietician then went ahead explaining the food course and explained No oily items and Fat drinks.,. I suppose Sim had imagined Water just as water, but to have "Adequate Fluid" as his main staple diet, came down quite heavy on his confidence., The two things which Sim can never let go is Friends(you should know which type) and Food.,. Now since he was in a dilemma to choose one over the other, to put it in his way "Losing one eye for the other". Still his reaction surprised me.,. He continued to went on for the Gym classes, though i couldnt see any noticable changes in his physique. (He had no intention of paying heed to what the dietician had said).

Later after a week, it was revealed to us that he has been seeing a girl who had being coming to Gym.,. Actually, the second day when he had gone to meet the dietician, before meeting the dietician, he had been waiting outside and it was at that time when the girl had come along.,. He made friends with her, and instead of going to Gym, he had been taking her around the park early morning,. (Gosh, i never knew the usefulness of parks ).,.

So that had been Sim's inspiration to go to Gym early morning, inspite of the dietician foreboding of having Foods he loved. When i ask him why he left going to Gym , didnt he stand to lose out the money, he said just:
"Every exit is an entry somewhere."

Well, thats the end of Sim tryst with the Gym.,. Though he didnt get a six pack as he wanted, he wound up by thinking that its what his attitude which mattered more than his thoughts. To put it simply
"Its what you want others to see and perceive you which matters more than how you really are".

I tell you, Sim sometimes defies logic !!


Cess said...

was interesting to read, i might try to do the same thing as Sim, get the motivation to go to the gym and meet somebody on the way ;)

Prashant Sree said...

@cess: Haha !! As long as it gets you to the Gym !! ;)

ANWESA said...

hahaha-very funny post..gym,diet wat not-left gym 4 a gal-hummm.. boys will b boys aftr all..

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

This was cute!Made me smile :)

Keshi said...

LOL u made me laff so much Prashant! ty so much :)

that diet plate made me ROFL! WTH is that? Who eats like that? It looks more like leftovers!


Nimmy said...

LoL! I loved the part (scene) where SIM had apparently gone off to sleep while carrying out his stretching exercises and JIM ended up stepping on him! :D

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

hmmm....i was on a bet...2 shed ma single mega pack abs...de time limit was 3 weeks...now de fourth week is over n mine has grown into a giga!!!

so wazout@kodungalloor..?

Saranya said...

That was a funny post. Had a good laugh! :)Keep up.

Prashant Sree said...

@anwesa: As long as Girls are girls, boys have to boys (No pun Intended !! ) ;)

Glad you liked the post.

Prashant Sree said...

@Sameera: Thanks Sameera.,. My pleasures !!

Prashant Sree said...

@Keshi: Hey i didnt made you laugh.,. You laughed because you wanted to.,. Now dont start blaming me for your laughing ;)

Hey about the diet plate, Thats the main course.,. Actually one is not supposed to even eat it, just having a look at it is the actual norm ;)

Prashant Sree said...

@Nimmy: Hey Nimmy, Welcome back!!

Iam glad the post made some sense :)

Prashant Sree said...

@Kochu: You too, Brutus !! (Six pack phenomenon )

Wow Man, iam sure you would have given Sim a tough competition ;)... (just kidding).

Prashant Sree said...

@Saranya: Hey comeon, it was not meant to be a funny post.,. Its a serious story of a person, working to a proper shape.,.See, how cruel the world is, Sim failed attempt makes other laugh ;'(

[Glad you came by.,. Thanks for the appreciation.]

Anonymous said...

man..I've been meaning to comment on ur blog for sometime now, but your posts are so good that they just leave me in a long train of thoughts :)
Haha man...I'll have a stitch in my stomach laughing...Seems like Sim is addicted to a lot of F things ;)

he said that only as a 'cool' 'cool' thing(i bet!),coz this Sim does what he wants n even if he wanted to change himself, I think he certainly got what he wanted more ;p...

I loved the satirical way in which u wrote this up!

Prashant Sree said...

Hey Ayushi,

Thanks for finally giving your thought of commenting in my blog, a thought.,. ;)

Hey i thought my post sent people on planes of thought, i wonder how you are still in a train of thoughts.,. :)

Great hearing your feedback.,. And ya, Sim has a great way of looking at things.,. All that ends well is well., :)

Keep coming !!

P.S: Seems it been sometime , u updated ur blogs !

The Reluctant Dreamer said...

I enjoyed this blog. I actually like reading various blogs...some I get...some I don't.

I need to Sim to help make me look like a greek god too. LOL I'm breaking my back over here with workout videos!

On the flip side...I wouldn't mind waking up at 6am. I'm a morning person. However this story did teach me not to over do it.

It was funny and cute when the cleaner found Sim snoozing.

Jane Opal said...

Thanks. :]
Interesting blog.

- Jane

Cess said...

u ve ben rewarded


Priya Joyce said...

tat was something funny from you.
oh tats why all that joke business yesterday ha ha

Anjuli said...

You had me laughing very hard. FUNNY post indeed.

Prashant Sree said...

@the reluctant dreamer: Working out should be freaking out !! ;D
Iam glad that you liked it.,.

Prashant Sree said...

@jane opal: Thanks for the appreciations !!

Prashant Sree said...

@cess: Wow.,. My pleasures and Thanks for appreciating the tidbit French which i know.

Prashant Sree said...

@PJ: Iam not into jokes business., And Sim says he is sad that you are giving the credit to me, instead of him ;)

Prashant Sree said...

@anjuli: I appreciate your sense of humour.,. Funny aha ?? :D

Prashant Sree said...

@ All: Hey guys, iam not sure if you had noticed the 2nd picture which i have posted.. About 2 people and a bird working out.,.

I found the wordings too funny...! [Thanksgiving !! ]