Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Adventures of Rim,Jim and Sim - Sim goes Gyming - Part I !!

Promises are made to be broken. And here Iam breaking a promise which i made to Sim. Well, Iam not actually breaking a promise. Its months since this happened. Someone had said that a Promise is as good as when it happens. As time passes by, its not a promise anymore. It becomes a memory. and you can always recall some-thing from memory. So here Iam following that philosophy of recalling from my memory (and not breaking a promise. mind it ! ). Not to forget the effort i made in convincing Sim about putting his story into words. Though he was a bit adamant initially, saying that the story may undermine his image, i was able to point to him the fact that noo matter what he did, his face is never going to appear in the newspapers/magazines.

Alternatively, he has a chance to put down his face in a story and might be considered for knighthood someday when a benign kings comes to know of the Mighty Sim's chronicles. I think the idea of Knighthood, was too tempting for Sim to neglect.So here Iam penning down another chronicle from our life, working for some others person's knighthood. (Life is unfair sometimes !! ). Since everyone is convinced that Iam recalling from my memory and have indeed not broken any promises, let me go through the formal nuances of explaining what happened.

All was fine till one day, Sim had this strange notion of having six packs. You see recently there was a craze of six packs.,. you can call it SixPacko-mania.,. Just because some actors appeared in a movie with a six pack, and had a body like a greek warrior, everyone wants to emulate him. i havent been able to understand how a six pack will improvise someone's look in real life. What motivation spurs this craze for a six pack body etc.(exception being you wanting to impress someone). I had always thought of Sim as a connoisseur in the taste of woman. (To the extent he had created a separate Club for giving tips on making gf and retaining them,back at college). Yet sharp minds get blunt sometimes. The same was the case with him.

Once when he was out for a movie with a girl, the girl had remarked that the hero looked stunning with a hot body. The fact was that the girl was trying to tease him up and was playing with him, yet Sim was much smitten about the girl that he took her remarks too literally. At this juncture, it is pertinent to know the physical anatomy of Sim. Sim was a kinda normal looking guy.,. No great shapes or such.Well, there used to be a slab of fat hanging around his stomach as a circus ring. Chubby chap will be more apt to describe him !! He had a great sense of humor and so called gracious nature made him a connoisseur in making many girls as his friends. And when the girl had made this remark, in his efforts to impress her,he convinced himself that he will go to gym and get himself into a good shape.

On that day, Me and Jim were back at home, idling away the time. We were looking for a nice topic to talk upon when someone knocked the door. Some say, Opportunities dont knock and come, yet i disagree with that. We opened the door and one look at Sim confirmed the fact that he was the perfect opportunity for us to idle away the time.We welcomed him in and were surprised to find him dull. Generally Sim entertains us with stories of his adventures/mis-adventures with the girls and how he played the knight in armour etc. Some of the stories sound so unbelievable that one will be tempted to believe that his life was a remake of the Hindi Bollywood movies.,.Anyhow, we detected his infelicitous situation we asked him whats was the matter. He then unwinded himself and explained the whole situation and told us his decision to go for Gyming. I was tempted to tell him that the girl would have been talking in a lighter sense and there was no need for him to do such a big sacrifice( Wondering how its a sacrifice, wait and see !! ).

The reaction from Jim was far away from being enthusiastic. He just said "Buddy,April is yet to come". He had assumed that Sim was kidding about this one. But the determined and sober face of Sim convinced him that he indeed wanted to go to Gym. It was a bit hard for Jim to digest this,as he had been trying to pull Sim to gym along with him. Yet Sim had been comfortable sleeping in his bed, and had found no immediate motivation.,. Yet a girl had come and with a single comment had made him to join Gym. Sim said that its not only because of the girl but also because he wanted to maintain his shape. (albeit he was lying slightly) and since Jim had prior experience of going to Gym and is still going he can help him in it. Jim refused to take him along with him citing the fact that since his words were not respected, its equivalent to him being not respected and that Sim can go to a different gym.

So i was left all alone in over seeing their bickerings and finally it was agreed that Jim will be a consultant to Sim to determine if he really needed to go to Gym. He asked Sim to touch down the floor without bending his knees. Sim tried doing it but as much he tried he was able to reach only to his knee level and not below that. Jim exclaimed "Man, you should have been in Gym, 8 months back. You may get a Heart attack any moment". This was because Jim had consulted a health specialist few years back and he went through this routine and it seems the specialist had told him about the exercise and explained that not able to touch one's feet , means his obesity levels had reached high levels, a indication of upcoming heart problems. Since then, Jim considers himself to be a health Specialist and he remarked casually that Sim's day's were counted as he was not able to touch the knee itself. What Sim had forgot was that he had had a heavy dinner and that his stomach was full.,. In that situation any person would have found it hard to touch their knees.,. (Sim remembered the fact, 3 months after he left Gyming and told us about this.)

Anyhow, that remark from Jim, motivated to take up the Gyming as soon as possible and he swiftly went outside remarking that he will be back soon. He was gone in a puff, that neither me or Jim had any time to reply. Sim was back again, in 1 hour with a Gym's brochure waving in his hands as if he was waving a Akomeogi (or Japanese folding fan). He said he had enrolled in a special fast course Gym session which will began from tomorrow and that he will be in a good shape in 3 months. And yes, for the first he told us his original weight. You see there is a electronic weight m/c nearby our home.

Whenever we used to pass across that, Sim used to stand on it and then put a coin into the machine.The machine will give his weight printed in a paper. Sim had an unrealistic way of convincing himself of his realistic weight. He used to see his weight in the paper and then remark. hey how much will my shoes weigh. he then answered himself that it will weigh 200 gms each and then deduct 400 gms from the total weight. Then he will say that the jeans pant he was wearing would add another few hundred grams. Then his watch added few grams.,. Likewise he will deduct around 1.5-2 kgs from the total weight.The total weight will come around 93 kg(after so much deductions.) He will happily remark that he knew that the machine was defective and then he will reduce another 4-5 kg. Then he will suggest to himself that he need to increase his weight slightly so as to have a proper weight-height ratio.

I had witnessed this umpteen number of times and it always surprised me as to how he can convince himself of his weight without ever feeling guilty !! Yet that was Optimistic Sim for you !!
But today while he was returning after getting the Gym's brochures, he repeated the similar ritual of standing on the machine and putting in the coin. Surprising was the fact that he read the actual values in the paper and didnt indulge in any gimmicks.,. He came back home and showed us the paper slip which said the weight to be 94 kgs. That when i realized that this guy is up to something serious.,.

To be continued...

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*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Interesting!Liked the way you write,good narration coupled with humor :)

Nimmy said...

Heyyy PS. :-) Cool. In my opinion, the best part is your extremely casual sense of humor! Please make sure you nurture that!! :-))

Prashant Sree said...

@Sameera: Hey, Thanks for a lot for dropping by and sharing your views :)
Glad that you liked the narration.,. :)

Prashant Sree said...

@nimmy: hey Nimmy,

Welcome back.. I think you are commenting after a long time.,. Iam honoured :) Thanks for the feedback. Will strive to nurture that.,.
Thank God, you commented that the story has humour. I was scared to hell wondering whether i was scaring people away ;)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Good write up - a long one too :)
Good sense of humor too!
Keep writing

Anu said...

Lol,, waiting for the continued adventures of Sim.. thanks for visiting my blog :) !

Keshi said...

Good stuff and ur quite the witty guy too ha? :)


Prashant Sree said...

@Dawn: Thank You. Gr8 that you found humour here.,. ;)

Prashant Sree said...

@anu: Your wait will be rewarded !! :) Thanks for coming by. Keep visiting !!

Prashant Sree said...

@Keshi: Thank You. Iam sure of the guy part, witty,Iam unsure.,. :)

Iam glad you liked it. !!

Anjuli said...

I'm glad I've read this intro- this is very humorous.
Also glad to know the tip about touching my toes- I'm touching them now and thrilled to know I won't be having a heart attack anytime soon :)