Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Adventures of Jim,Rim & Sim

Well how do i start... The very idea of writing this chronicles was supported unanimously by all the three of us ( which is quite a miracle by itself !!!)... I had always held the idea that love always leads to distress and trouble and i was more than right in this case. Actually what had happened (we came to know later) was Sim had broken up with his latest girl friend, so he was a bit sad. Well, you cannot say very sad, one can say a bit upset. In case, any of you have started pitying him, i would suggest to think twice before you do that.

Actually Sim has had an evergreen record of finding a new girlfriend every month. It has been a surprise and still continues to baffle me and Jim as to how he's able to find new babes every month. Jim had a suggestion that maybe Sim knew black magic and voodoo stuff and we had even tried to press him for more information.,. yet we dropped the idea , what if he really knew it and used it upon us. The benefit accrued from the mission was not as exciting so as to possibly justify the risk involved., That apart, the fact remained that his girl-friendship abilities remained a mystery to us and he continued to make use of it.,.

Coming back to the main context, what happened was, that this time, he was on good terms with the girl for 2 months in a row. everything seemed rosy and good, when suddenly they broke up. Breaking up is never easy yet for anyone. Yet Sim is an exception. For him, breaking up is like a every-month ritual.,. I had never seen him get upset over that.,. What surprised me was that he looked very sad & dejected this time. Assuming that he had really started liking the girl and the
break-up had affected him, made us a bit soft towards him. He came back and then switched on the TV, (which again was a surprise. he usually comes back and gets on in his phone and always opposes TV watching as the TV sound disturbed his phone talk). So when he switched on the TV and sat there gloomily, our (Jim and Me) ennoble hearts couldn't hold anymore and we gently touched the topic of his depression.

That's when we knew we had made a BIG mistake.,. As if he was waiting for a cue from us, he threw the remote against the wall, and said in a high tone "Girls are always like this". We didn't get what he meant by "this". Yet as if to placate and sooth Sim, Jim also said "Very true, Girls are always like this". Sim threw a murderous look at Jim as if signaling that the stage was his and he was the main actor now, continued with his lamenting., He deplored on how the girls do not care for feelings and all they are concerned is for their own selfish gains.,. And he finally said the reason for his heart-break.,.

"I have broken up with her." We had already heard that a number of times. so we didnt take much of that. what we were more concerned is about the reason for the break-up. Jim took the initiative noticing that there weren't any more things to throw near Sim, asked him - why did you broke up ?

Sim: We broke up because she wanted someone who will be great and famous.

That perplexed us. This girl was indeed a unique species,worthy of preserving in museum. I have heard of girls desiring for money, jewelery , happiness.,. But not great and famous.,.

Jim said :You mean "great" and "famous". stressing each word as if he was reciting the ingredients for cooking a dish.

Sim: Yes, she wanted to be with some one who will be famous and great someday.

Jim: But how can someone be great and famous.,. Don't you think that's a bit hard to achieve,.,

Our conversation then veered to the fact about how people can become great and famous. Sim was of the opinion that when people do something good and then die, they become great and famous. In that way, he thought that the girl wanted him to die, so that her criteria gets fulfilled. Jim couldn't understand as to how will she be able to live with a Sim's ghost if he dies to become famous.

Sim had a suggestion to make.,. He asked us the names of the famous people in the world. Jim said there are so many domains and each one has its own famous personalities.,. Like in Sports, you have Tiger Woods, Roger Federer etc. If u take politics, you have many famous personalities across the world. But why we still didn't understand what he was arriving at..!

Sim: Well, one can become famous riding on a famous person's populace ,. Isn't ? Even assassins can become famous , he said with a evil gleam in his eyes. Jim and Me were so appalled on hearing this that we kept gaping our mouth as if someone is going to stuff sweet candies in our mouth. We looked towards each other and then realized that a face with open mouth was least pleasuring and looked more hideous.

Then Jim stammered you aren't serious,are you ? Sim said Of course , Iam not :) .That relieved the hell out of us. You never know what gets into Sim sometimes. He comes up with such unique, dazzling (so called brilliant ideas), that it sucks the happiness from a place for some time. Only when he says that he was joking that we began to breathe again.

So we spent an hour on coming up with genuine applicable ways to become famous. And we spend next one hour on what should we do to achieve those ways.,. At the start of the next hour, we were absolutely convinced on one thing. We had infallible confidence in our abilities that we were nowhere near or will be now where nearer to achieving something of significance which would make us great or famous. Jim suggested using Black Magic to do something, call in the black power arts and stuff like that. Sim said that would be too dangerous and that it could back-fire if not used properly. This confirmed the fact to a greater extent that he indeed knew black arts(otherwise how could he tell about its implications.)

Though faced with no solutions, yet the warrior inside us refused to subside.,. He kept on fighting the evil double headed "Famous" and "Great" Monster with his blazing sword, though it seemed that we were fighting a losing battle. But then as always, our Lucky Angel, arrived with a magical gem embedded sword which finally helped us behead the unbeatable monster. Actually all this time, while we were so engrossed in our discussion , we were completely oblivious to the TV sound/noise. But as the possibilities to become famous/great became less and less, we floated back to reality. It was then we saw the TV running.

Some programme on English literature was being shown. English literature had never held the charm for any of us but today it was different. The announcer was referring to the children's books like Don Quixote, Tom Sayer and said that it still retained its charm even after so many years.,. It was then the brain-wave struck us. If a person like Don Quixote can be immortalized by fiction, why not we.,. Agreed that we were not a knight like him but we had few good chunks of logic and intelligence than him in our grey matter.,. who cares if people will read our books or not !! At least our names will be immortalized in the English literature.

So here iam writing the preface for the book about the life's of 3 people : Rim,Jim & Sim.As usual when the discussion got over, Sim was back to his jolly mood and got busy with his mobile. Jim woke up and went for his daily routine. Neither of them bothered to ask/remember/discuss the previous day's happenings. As i was the only person left with some responsible attitude,the onus of penning down our life's chronicles fell upon me.

You might wonder, what in the life of 3 chaps be interesting to someone. Well, i cant say for sure, that it will be adventurous and heroic, yet i can say that we do have our own share of fun.,. For instance, if you take the case when Sim planned to go to gym and develop musculature like Jim or when Jim tried to take lessons from Sim about wooing girls and the response he got. Well, those stories are for the upcoming days.,. I cant guarantee that you will like it, yet that's not our concern for now,. As far as we are concerned, we will be evergreen in the pages of history. Rim,Jim and Sim.,. Sounds good, Isnt ??

Like Samuel Butler said:

"People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy" :)


The Wistler said...

Good luck on your endeavors!

That's a pretty good reason to start putting your life on paper. And, another inspirational push towards making me get on with my own ;)

In history, we shall thrive!

Prashant Sree said...

@ the wistler: Thanks a lot buddy.,.
Glad to hear that it was inspirational to you too.,.

Lets connive secretly so as to make history ;)

preethi said...

nice way of expression :)

Prashant Sree said...

@ preethi: Thank You.

augursmiles said...

good attempt for a start. liked it :) all the best for further writings.