Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Balance is the Key

In younger days during biology classes, the teacher used to ask the question “Which is the best diet?” Usually, 2 factions gets formed. One faction strongly in favor of ‘Vegetarian’ diet & the other one vociferously supporting ‘Non-Vegetarian’ diet. A couple of students would side with ‘Eggetarian’ diet and try to stay in the middle. This would go on for some time, with each faction saying their choice ‘pro & con’ & then after few verbal abuses & high raised voices, finally, the teacher would intervene with the answer. The best diet is ‘Balanced Diet’, a diet which consists of all the required nutrients in the correct quantity as needed by the body. Of course, we were left baffled with the answer and would try to justify how ‘Vegetarian/Non Vegetarian food’ is more balanced than the other.

Before you start wondering if Iam going to give gyaan about Balanced diet & how do we integrate it in our life to become leaner, a BIG disclaimer. I have no idea about balanced diet and know as much as that diet has four letters in it. Apart from it, all I know is what I have heard from hear say. Hence, I would restrict myself to the former part of the ‘Balanced Diet’. The Balance. How “Balance” plays a key role in our lives and how once we understand its relevance, we can live a more balanced life.  (not a happy life, but a balanced life)
I strongly believe that ‘Being Balanced’ is one of the key natural laws in life. Being very good is not good. Being very bad is also not good. One should always know both the good & bad and that allows the person to know both sides of a coin & accordingly make a decision. I have seen from close quarters on how extremity of a good thing back fires.
Take the case of parents who bring up their child. Sometimes in the name of loving their child, some parents don’t put any limit on them, pamper them with everything they ask for, in most cases, the child would turn out to be a brat & disorderly child. And if the parents are too strict & dictate each and every step of the child, he/she will be completely dependent upon them for all the work & would lack in self-confidence. What’s best for the child is to have a parent who gives them the freedom to express themselves while at the same time, being observant of certain values & rules which are sacrosanct to the family. The child in this case, would grow up to be a matured, independent individual with the confidence to face the world. What’s required a balanced love.

I recall a quote which I had read in my school days. It said something about ‘Life being a roller coaster ride’, what’s there today won’t be there tomorrow, what’s there tomorrow won’t be there, day after tomorrow. It took me sometime to realize the reality of it. No matter how happy you are today, the feeling is going to go off after a while. Similarly, troubles or worry, no matter how big they are, would pass off after a while. Be it happiness, sorrow, grief, obstacle, challenges, hurt, if we realize that holding onto one thing completely isn’t a wise thing.
As someone said ‘Dark is equally important to relish the Light in life’. Hence, sorrow is equally important to enjoy the happy moments of our life, obstacles are equally important as our achievements in life. Once we keep this in our mind, no matter what life throws at us, we are well set to take it in the right stride.
Let’s hold on to the ‘Balance’ in all aspects of life, and our life will be balanced.


Destination Infinity said...

This is true, people want only the good/positives in their lives. I wonder if all this wanting positive and not wanting negative is related to survival, as that is the reason why so many industries exist!

Prashant Sree said...

Very true. That may be one of the paradox in life. As a quote which goes like "Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die" :) Things will change dramatically once we realize that the negative too is as good as the positive, as long as we learn from it.

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