Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What are your Assumptions

Recently during a discussion with my manager, the topic of discussion turned to my involvement in a work which was handled by another team in HR. I reasoned saying i felt that the work was confidential hence i didnt involve myself in it. He said "you seem to be bounded by so many assumptions".

Thinking over it i realized that so many times in our life, we have so many of the assumptions which put a veil over how we see our life. Just to name a few couple of assumptions which come to the top of my mind are:
  • Autoricksaw drivers always charge high fare
  • Politicians are corrupt
  • People who drink/smoke are bad
  • Money is the root of all evil, etc etc etc. 

During last weekend while traveling outside, I wanted to take autoricksaw to go to my destination.Usually, I dont ask any autoricksaw fellows who would be waiting at the bus stop since I have always assumed that they will quote a high fare. However this time, I felt why not ask and see what he says. So, when i enquired not only he quoted a nominal fare, I was able to negotiate with him to put the fare and charge an extra 10 bucks. The point is, my assumption about autoricksaw guy been unfair & charging exhorbitant fare was proved wrong. All i did was question my assumption.
i dont mean to say our assumptions may be wrong. In some cases, it may be right, but blindly following some assumption because thats what our parents had told us or that was what we had experienced several years back, might lead us to ignore the reality and keep ourself confined.

As a good colleague of mine used to say "When you assume, you make an ASS of U & ME".

So friends,

What assumptions do you have in your life?  To what extent they dictate your life.

Can you try challenging them and see how true or relevant they are?  

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Destination Infinity said...

That auto thing is true with me also. I don't take an auto in Chennai because of that. But in other cities, I always take the Auto without hesitation! It depends on our previous experiences, I guess.

But yes, assumptions are not the best way forward - I am guilty of assuming too. We always need to double check with the concerned people before coming to a conclusion.

Destination Infinity