Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adventures of Rim,Jim and Sim - Sim brings Home a Dog - Part II

Part I: Read here

Samuel Johnson rightly said that "Promise, large promise, is the soul of an advertisement" And the innocuous viewer who believes in the advertisement takes it for granted that he will achieve what he wants by simply imitating whats been shown in the television.Marketing is all about making your customers believe in your product and marketing companies resort to various strategies to make that possible. The average Indian takes it for granted that whatever is shown is reality. But alas,it couldn't be far from truth.

Something similar happened with Sim. Sim was particularly impressed with the Sprite ad which shows a Girl bringing a dog and 2 guys who try to charm her. The ad shows one guy trying to impress the girl by caressing the dog which the girl brings along with her. Then the 2nd guy has a Sprite in his hand and he easily charms the girl because Sprite made the difference.

As Sim had noticed that the girl came for the evening walk with her dog, he decided to use the "Seedhi baat" concept with the girl. He got himself a Sprite and waited at the entrance of the park. When she entered the park he entered the 'besot' zone. I still dont know how he manages to get besotten by the view of 'n' number of girls 'n' number of times. And the heartening fact is that he says its special every time. Never mind mysteries are meant to exist. Anyhow after entering the 'besotten' influence Sim dazedly walked towards her and said "Coming for a walk". She replied "No. My doggie isnt interested now". Sim to this day couldnt decipher as to how the girl took his question "if being addressed to the dog" ,where as in the ad the one drinking Sprite asks a question and the girl answers it favourably. But what got him thinking is the fact that another guy came along with a dog and it changed the whole perception of Sim. The girl's dog started barking at the guy's dog and the other dog retaliated by barking in turn. As each of the owners started controlling their dog's they smiled at each other and began conversing with each other. It ended in them walking together and Sim was left drinking the Sprite. Not only this changed Sim's dislike of 5 sensed dogs ,it also changed his perception of pet dogs. He understood the real meaning of 'leveraging'. Thus he took the inconceivable idea of adopting a dog as a pet.

Soon afterwards, he brought home a pomeranian pup. We had imposed few conditions on Sim for allowing him to bring home the dog. It was agreed that he will alone be responsible for taking care of the dog and its requirement. As any dog owner will know to discipline a dog is no small feat. The owner of the dog has to put in huge effort initially to train the dog and this burden was comfortably passed to Sim.Sim was eager to take the dog to park and check if his investment bears him fruit. But then Gym chipped in with his views that it would be better if Sim trained the dog and then display the dog proudly to the girl. The girl would surely be impressed with the dogs feats and might induce her to talk with Sim. I had a doubt as to whether our objective was making Sim impress the girl or the dog impress the girl but i didnt want to sound pessimistic so I didnt voice my views.

For reasons unknown Sim named the pup 'Rocky'. He felt it gave the pup the macho image of Sylvester Stallone... People say that sometimes their behaviour is co-related with their name. In some way, the Pup too lived up to its name. and Sim came to realize it a bit late. The puppy was very courageous and openly daring. For instance,once Sim was alone at home with pup. I and Jim had gone to our respective home towns. Sim had come home late after a tough day at work... As it was too late to prepare food, he had brought home dinner from a hotel. He kept the food in the hall along with the plate and then took 1 morsel of food before changing himself into more relaxing dress. He came back and found the Pup busy eating the packed dinner. I wonder how Sim's face would have looked at that moment. What was more interesting is Sim's description of the Pup. He said that even though he glared at the Pup, the Pup looked non-chalantly and looked at Sim as if challenging him to a fight if necessary. Fortunately,Sim's childhood experience with the dog helped him avoid getting any extra scar.

Meanwhile,Sim's agenda of bringing home the Pup was bearing fruit. He had taken the Pup for a walk and had seen the girl with her dog. As expected the two dog barked (or) signaled to each other,thus bringing the attention of the girl to Sim and hence started Sim's conversation with her. Sim's joy knew no bounds and he patted his dog lovingly. He introduced himself as working at her office and thus began the friendship of the girl with Sim. For one week, they were in constant conversation. SMS,chat,Mail,Phone, you name the gadget, they were in touch using that.

Whoever has said that "Life is unfair" had a point.And Sim got to know it the hard way. The girl had come once to our home to see Sim. It was in the evening time around 5pm. She rang the door bell and our Pup gave its own barking signal that someone was at the door.Sim went to open the door and was took by surprise on seeing the girl. The girl smiled and came in.She stroked the pup's hair. Sim looked jealously at the dog wishing if he could be in its place.She then handed him a invitation saying that he should definitely come for her engagement next month. You should have seen Sim at the moment. Though the news was disturbing to Sim, I and Jim had a difficult time controlling our laughter on seeing his face.

We excused ourself and went outside lest we should laugh before the girl and make a fool of ourselves. Sim later thanked us for sharing his sadness. he had assumed that we too were highly dejected on hearing the news and hence had gone outside so to let go of our frustration. I wonder how Sim managed to talk to the girl. Anyhow,from what we heard he proceeded to make Tea for her (The girl was risking her life by drinking it) and then after a small chit-chat, she went back home. Its not as if he was dating the girl so the shock was not that damaging. Yet we felt that Sim's shock was quite profound. The reason for it (which we came to know later) was that when the girl had told him the news, his immediate concern was regarding the future of the Pup. The very reason he had bought the Pup had gone awry hence he was in a quandary as to what to be done with it.

He shared this concern with us 2 days later. We told him since the Pup is small, it is his responsibility to take care of it till it grows up.
The most difficult job was to take the Pup for a walk in the morning. Jim had found out that the dog during its initial days should be trained properly and that daily morning walk is a must for it. It served dual purpose -
1) It helps the dog to relieve itself in the morning.
2) It sharpens the dog inherent guarding senses.

Sim had to get up early in the morning so as to take the Pup for walk. Sometimes the dog woke up earlier and will began to bark so to signal the morning time. He got so relied on the dog that he wont look at the watch but just assume that its the time for the walk.

Once Jim returned home around 2:30am in the morning after a late night work. While coming in, he mistakenly kept his leg on the Dog's tail and it gave a short bark. Jim usually sleeps immediately after coming home,so he just lay on his bed and within 5 mins was sleeping off peacefully. Meanwhile hearing the dog's bark, Sim got up and readied himself to take the dog out. The dog which was being taken out earlier than usual was unhappy and it emitted short barks to show its disapproval. Usually when we take the dog out, we usually see few people jogging or running. But since it was a bit earlier,Sim found no one in the streets. He rather commented to himself that its strange that people have become quite lazy now. Sim had to withdraw money from ATM. He went into one and took some money. While he was coming out, A night security person saw him and he got curious as to what a person was doing in the ATM at that time. He asked Sim what he was doing to which Sim said that he was taking the dog for a walk. He asked the security guard if he had come for walking himself as he was seeing him for the first time.

Saying so,he went on in his way. But the guard suspicion levels were on high, he started stalking behind Sim to find where he is going.Sim thought that maybe some Psychopath was stalking him and he started running back to home. The guard came behind Sim till our flats, till our flat security person confirmed that Sim was living in the flats and was no danger to anyone. Thus Sim came home after a 1 hr walk and retired to his bed immediately. The dog started barking around 4:30 indicating the time for walk. Sim couldnt believe his ears. He shoo-shooed the dog away yet couldnt withstand the dog's Rocky like persistence. Grudgingly he took the dog outside for one more round, leaving our flat security guard little confused. The dog definitely enjoyed its morning walk, yet Sim grudge against the dog remained and he resolved to give the dog away to Blue Cross.

Well, i feel happy atleast for the dog so that it didnt have to test its perseverance against that of Sim. We do go to see the Pup sometimes in the weekend and the last we heard it was adopted by a married couple. So that was a happy ending for the Pup.As for Sim, he was able to sleep peacefully with no disturbances. He used to remark sometimes that his intuition had told him that beings with less than 6 sense shouldnt be trusted on a long relationship and asked us for our comments.

All we could say was - No comments !!! ;)


Anonymous said...

frankly i felt it dragged after a while. but nice funny writeup.

Priya Joyce said...

hahahah that must hav taught Sim a lesson :P

Poor fella..I guess..he'd never adopt a dog now :P

at least he'd think abt his sleepless dys :P:P

loved it da..

Anonymous said...

I love the sardonic, sadistic tone used here, plus the way you project the patient, not-at-fault Sim ;)
Ps: Except cats, i loathe and despise all other pets x-D