Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black is Good.White is Bad.

A food for thought.

Iam currently reading the auto-biography by Lance Armstrong - 'Its not about the Bike' and it is indeed striking to see how he grew up the ladder in his life. There are lots of learning in the book which Lance shares about his own life and his battle with the cancer. For anyone who is interested in knowing it, grab yourself one of the copy and go through it or else wait for me to finish the book and then write a review ;) (Iam not sure if i will have the patience to write this one ;P )

In one instance he says the above words "Black is Good.White is Bad." which is very thought-provoking. Its a universal law to equate White with Goodness and the Black with Bad,White with the Light,Black with the Dark,White with Harmony,Black with Discord etc. But when i came across his wordings, it showed White-Black in a completely new picture. Lance has contracted a cancer and while taking the X-Ray test, he sees his own Chest X-Ray. It is in this instance wherein he explains that in the X-Ray which is a photo negative:abnormalities come out in White. So as long as the X-Ray is black its good, meaning all the organs are perfect and no anomalies exist. But if anything is wrong with them,it is highlighted by the White color. So, somethings in life is not exactly as they seem to be.

Sometimes we just assume that things should be like this or things are like this because that's what has been told to us or that's what we know.But its also wise to understand that if we have the broad mindedness to accept things (which are beyond our understanding) it will not only hold us in good stead but also give us the flexibility to learn new thing and grow our-self.


Insignia said...

Its the human tendency to blindly accept the norms everyone have been following; set by some group of self authorized people for some good reasons at some point in time. Few people who question them leave a mark in this world. Great men who think otherwise.

Black is good, if not for Black, then where's the balance that is very much required?

Whats the name of the book by the way? I want to pick one

Reflections said...

Makes a lot of sense....really;-))!!

The book sounds interesting, I think I'll pick it up:-)).

Prashant Sree said...

@Insignia: The part of balance is well said. One must learn to appreciate the extremes, for who knows the extremes might be the one you might be loaded with. The book name is "It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life" by cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Happy Reading

Prashant Sree said...

@Reflections: Indeed :)

Insignia said...

Very true.

Thanks for the book's name. Have to grab one

A S said...


nice post

I'll too pick a copy, but after exmas heheh :)

Priya Joyce said...

well like that are many other things too..we see often...
specially many of the things in the society.
well..what i basically think all boils down to point of view..and perspective.

Archana said...

Good one, Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is beyond our understanding...nothing at all.
I refuse to eat reap what I haven't sown
We can never grow by borrowed values, that's the fall of all creativity...that's mechanical and makes us slaves

Anonymous said...

sorry sorry "I refuse to reap" , not eat-reap :P