Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Buddy, you’re a good guy!!"

I was having a chat conversation with a friend sometime before. We were talking about a lot of stuff's including laptops, inflation in India, outsourcing issues etc. In course of our conversation, we began to drift to lighter issues and he mentioned about an incident which he experienced a few days back. Its that incident which i wanted to think aloud. I would suggest that you have a look at his post:

For people who want to go on reading without interruption, for their benefit, i will state the incident briefly. My friend who lives in Tuckson,America had gone on a morning walk to get some coffee and a cig for himself. On his way he came across a Afro-American dude, (lets call him "the guy at the bus stop") who was waiting in a bus stop.

My friend went to store, bought himself a cup of coffee. While coming back "the guy at the bus stop" asked him if he can have some coffee which my friend was having.My friend who very badly wanted the coffee(feeling sleepy-headed) , offerred him the coffee, asked him to take what ever he needs and return the remaining to him. After he had some coffee, the guy returned the coffee and then said to my friend "Buddy, you’re a good guy!".

And he said that because, my friend had let him have some coffee from his cup and was having it himself .Generally he was used to people throw the entire cup at him or refuse to give him anything. "the guy at the bus stop" was touched by my friends gesture, which was not at all a gesture by my friend.(Thats what he says). For the "guy at the bus stop" it was the first time someone had treated him with respect.

On hearing this from my friend, i felt that i must share this with all.My friend had mentioned about gratitude as one of his reflections from this experience. I, reflecting about the incident, felt that its not only about a gesture , (leave gesture, take any random act of ours), but also rather the consequence which mattered the most here.

The "the guy at the bus stop" was left feeling happy with his self-esteem pumped up by a simple gesture. And on the other hand, my friend was himself feeling gr8 , because of the gratitude shown by "the guy at the bus stop".

What i wanted to reflect was on the fact that "Every act of ours done with thought or without, affects someone" We may not really look it that way, but as the saying goes:
"The best portion of a good man's life: his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love."
-William Wordsworth

Will share more of my thoughts on this in my subsequent blogs :)

Till then what are you waiting for.,. Try being a "Good Guy".
Iam sure you wont regret it :)

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