Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Orange Girl - Part I

Hmmm, seems a pretty yummy name for a topic, Isnt ?? Permitting our imagination to spread wings for sometime, one might be tempted to assume that the Girl is orange in color. Well, thats too fanciful.

There are white girls, black girl, even yellow( when down with Jaundice), but Orange simply doesnt agree with our notion of a color of a person. Or maybe we can assume that the Orange Girl is a girl selling Oranges.,. This definitely appeals to our mind and to our imagination, but sorry to upset the ingenious find, it is much more cheerful than that. The Orange Girl, is a girl wearing an Orange dress.

Well i have been thinking about it for sometime, and i really feel that it was a divine plan that i met the Orange Girl. I tell you, it was definitely premeditated, How else can you explain the cancellation of my bus ticket and the unexpected obtainment of a railway ticket. You might be asking why the cancellation of bus ticket,for which we need to rewind back our watches for a while.

I was returning back to my college after what you can call a Vacation. It didnt go quite as one would expect on a vacation, it was boresome, mainly because of the fact that most of my friends back home, were having their exams that time.So, i was left all alone contemplating ways to kill time.

Well, i did visit few places on my own, but that damped my spirits rather than enliven it. You see where-ever i went there were lots of couples [Mostly IT people], which made matters worse. It was like adding salt to wounds. You see, you are already single and the sight of doubles, makes you look more isolated... It started a chain of thoughts in my mind about thinking on ways and reasons for me being single.

I got affected by what you can call a Single Syndrome(SS). .Now, you might ask what is a Single Syndrome. Its a kind of feeling wherein you are single and are happy about it, (for having escaped the trap), at the same time, occasionally you have bouts of times, where you regret the fact that you are single.

It has been a much widely discussed topic and we have had many discussions,back at college where we ,a dedicated group of friends who were proud to be single the pros and cons of getting stuck up with a girl. But you know deep down, there always is a soft voice crying out for your soul mate , which no matter what you tell , simply refuses to subside. So All in all, my vacation passed off with a good piece of time, being spent on musing over the Single Syndrome.

To make matters worse,the bus which i had reserved made headlines. Rather it was the route which the bus takes which made the headlines. Thanks to few people among the junta,who were unhappy with few of the regulations passed by Govt and they had protested by alighting (Read--> set fire to) a bus My parents who were very much concerned by this new development were strictly against me travelling by bus(as if the group of people were waiting to strike again in the bus which i take) and suggested me to travel by train. (As if the same kindred junta wouldnt dare to think about a-lighting a moving train, other than the fact that iam yet to see anyone who dared to stop a train by lurching ahead in its path,as they do with a bus).

I couldnt care more about the mode of travel,(still recovering from the effects of SS), atleast to please my parents agreed to go by train. Somehow i got my ticket and had to take one day extra leave as i got a ticket for monday(weekday tickets were over). I tell you again , this was another proof of premeditation.

Setting aside all matters, the important thing to note is that i was a bit fussed due to SS, and was cursing every Tom,Dick and Harry who had one. Now coming back to the moment in the train journey, i had come an hour earlier and found the station aloof, unlike during week end, where you can see a horde of people flowing here and there.

The train had come and i took my seat in the First Class Compartment. I have this habit of carrying a book whenever i travel, yet due to reasons known, i simply didnt have the mindset to read it.. So it was at this moment that the universe in all its grandeur, decided to make a move in the unexpected game , what we call life.

It was then the Orange Girl entered the train.,. I was like looking outside the window, when i felt an impulse to turn. First it was a fleeting glance. Then i turned my head again. And there i see the wondrous image.,. It was as if the Almighty had given a physical shape to your imaginations about your dream girl. I felt as if the time had slowed down and that only the two of us were the only people around. I must have lost sense of time because when i came back to my senses, there was no one at the entrance. I whirled around to see where she had gone. She was standing at the opposite entrance, looking here and there. Probably she was looking for her seat.

I had read Alladin's Story before yet Iam not sure if i had ever wanted a genie lamp as i wanted on that moment. I somehow wished that she be put up in the same cabin as mine. Images of me being the Alladin and 'her' as Jasmine, began floating in my mind.

You see it only in movies, but believe me, i had never thought that happens in real life, yet what to say, creativity has its own ways of manifesting itself.. It indeed was a sensuous experience(Imagining youself with your lady love).People have said that i very creative, but i hadnt thought much on that and havent considered myself worthy of such extolments. But lost in my pleasant reverie, i got a proof of my hidden creative talents..!!

To be continued...

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The Rock said...

Where's part 2?! post soon! nice way to put it - SS.. lol!

P.S said...

@ the rock: coming soon... Why dont you Come up with a sol for SS ;)

Priya Joyce said...

hey lovely post and yes tat talent is wth everyone ane it someday gets discovered and tat seems the happiest moment of our life.

Yogi said...

gd one.. put up the part 2 soon..

well as you see being single is also good some times as in ur case :J

srinath said...

"Creativity has it's own ways of manifesting it self " ... Good one buddy :-):-)

shraddha said...

Awesome piece.....extremely romantic and cute..... Keep it up..