Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Day with Management Trainer !!

"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall."
— Stephen R. Covey

Today we have with us a person who ensures that the leadership of companies are leaning against the right wall. He is Mr.Rajendra Deshpande, a Management Trainer, a Certified Trainer In Aviation & Hospitality , Sales & Marketing. He was appointed By Govt Of India Ministry Of Tourism,CBSP.Programme. and has been awarded By American Express.Best Forex.Centre.He has extensive work experience of 27 years and is a Sales trainer for the past 13 years.

Host : Prashant Sree --- ME
Guest: Rajendra Deshpande --- RD

ME: Welcome to the Show, Mr. Rajendra. We are pleased to have you in the show.
RD: Thank You.

ME: What are you passionate about in Life ?
RD: To get the drive for ones life,You need to be passionate about your work.I am trainer .I believe management training has to transform one life.I derive immense pleasure in making my participants successful in life.I derive Happiness in making others happy.

ME: Thats really nice. What have you learnt in your life which you would like to share with others ?
RD: I have got power of transformation from landmark education & also from my spiritual guru.I meditate,I practice & most Important is -- Living In full integrity, Honoring your word.Living in Integrity gives you power from within.people see your word becoming true. so your word gets power.

ME: Well said. If you are given a wish to change one thing in world, what would you change ?
RD: If u want to bring change in others you need to change first.Change begins from are the cause in the matter.

ME: Like we say , "Be the Change You want to See". Who is your Favourite Mythological Hero and why ?
RD: "Swami Macchindra Nath.".. Lord Shiva Transfered All the knowledge of Yogic Science to him and it is he who brought & spread this knowledge to the world .we all see the results. He is one single Hero who brought & spread Science of Yoga on this Planet. He is the one single Hero who is instrumental in spreading Health & Happiness at no cost, to anyone everyone.His work in Universe is demonstrated doesnt need any evidence.

ME: Who do you consider your role models and why ?
RD: I consider Mahatma Gandhi,& Lord Gautam Buddha as my role models. In the period,when communication was very poor,no technology available,They could spread & market their thoughts,their teachings, all across the world.

ME:I admire that. Very few people pursue Yoga and its great to find a person so passionate about Yoga ;). What would you like to evangelize in your life ?
RD: "Tourism is one activity if promoted well can eradicate poverty,illiteracy,,unequality,suicides,budgetary deficeit,Social Integration, Cast differences ,Discrimination....Terrorism,.....& ..Many More."

ME: Thats quite a find. :) What is your charm, which you feel attracts people to you.
RD: Language ,sense of humour,smiling face ,loving nature,sincerity., Transparent Personality.

ME: Your Thumb Rule for Life ?
RD: Be honest to your word ,Inner thoughts ,& pursue it.whatever Happens. You are the winner..!!!!

ME: Thanks for sharing your insightful ideas with us. Iam sure that by integrating the lessons in our life, we will be Winners. Once again i thank you on behalf of my readers for being a guest in the Show. Wish you a successful and blissful future :)
RD: It was a pleasure to be in the show. Thank You !!

Thats it folks !! I hope you had enjoyed this version of PERFECT SHOW. Iam quite grateful to readers who had come back again with their useful feedbacks and have shared the learnings with me. I also thank the guest who have taken time and effort in sharing their life lessons with everyone. I know that Thanks isnt enough but iam grateful for their readiness to enrich others with their knowledge. My humble thanks to them. :)

The next version will be a bit different. What it will be, wait and see !! ;)


John said...

The part about Lord himself passing the knowledge to Swami, isnt that quite mythical ??

P.S said...

@ John: John, i assume that Rajendra meant that Swami had in inherited the Yogic Knowledge,Talents and had spread that among people.
Its not to be read literally ;)