Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Day with Personality Trainer !!

Look at each day as a chance to invest life into life. A chance to share your experience and deposit it into someone else's conscience. Each day is a chance to work miracles in the lives of others."
Jim Rohn

Personality development is a continuous phenomenon. It’s a process which takes place every moment we live, either consciously or unconsciously. Only then the fulfillment of our life can be realized. Today we have with us Mr.Chacko Jacob, a Personality Trainer, dedicated to make a difference in others life. He considers himself as an eternal optimist who is rarely down. He is passionate about public speaking and he has numerous public programs to his credit in addition to his regular work as a training manager with “Ganges Internationale”. He is happily married to Elizabeth Jane & have a 2year old son Joshua who is the subject of a few of his motivational talks. He has recently moved to Pondicherry and hopes to make a mark & establish himself there soon.

Me: Prashant Sree – Host
CJ: Chacko Jacob – Guest

Me: Hi Jacob, welcome to the PERFECT show. It’s a pleasure to have you amidst us.
CJ: Thank You.

Me: So tell me Jacob, What are you passionate about in Life ?
CJ: Iam passionate about making a difference in someone’s life through my work

Me: A noble thought !! What have you learnt in your life (other than academics), which you would like to share with others?
CJ: I have had a history of failure in life, particularly academics. But, in spite of failures, I have been able to bounce back to greater heights. I am today a double post graduate in Marketing & HR (BBA, MBA, MHRM, Dip Imp-EX, and Dip NLP). My personal story encourages others to bounce back & this is what I share with others other than the regular training subjects which I train on.

Me: I agree with you. It doesn’t matter how deep we fall but what matters is how well do we bounce back after we fall. Ok, now suppose you are given a wish to change one thing in world,what would you change ?
CJ: The Media – The media is the single most reason why our society is degenerating as a whole. You never hear of true news but rather only the news that shocks & is negative in content. I would like to change the world media into a body that makes people positive, happy & discuss relevant issues to them.

Me: Who is you Favorite Mythological Hero and why?
CJ: Jesus Christ – Though he was not a fable or story, He is my only hero. I wish that like him I could be one single man and Change most of the world for the larger good.

Me: Iam sure that with the real desire, you will be able to achieve what you really want. Now, What would you like to evangelize in your life?
CJ: A way of life that teaches love, joy, peace and harmony among human beings in connection with God is important above all other things.

Me: What is your charm ?
CJ: I look at people when I talk to them. I am able to show empathy with most people & that I believe is my charm. Most people in the world today want someone to listen to them. “I listen” – That make me a charming person.

Me: And, Your Thumb Rule for Life?
CJ: Do the very best, “everyday”, with what ever life hands out to you

Me: All nice things must come to an end. So is with the episode ;). I thank you on behalf of the readers for being with us and wish you success and happiness in all your endeavours.
CJ: Thank You.


Rims said...

Hey Prashant,

I stumbled upon your blog through Chacko's i-view.

Really liked the concept of your blog. Thanks for sharing and making us meet folks who have made a mark on their respective careers, it would really help people striving like me to keep faith and imbibe learnings from others and strive towards my goal.

Keep it up!

P.S said...

@ rims: Thanks buddy for the appreciation.

John said...

Liked the fact that past failures arent a major factor !! Applies a lot to me i think ;)
Had a Q about Personality development. Usually t effect remains for a week or so but after that the individual goes back to his normal ways. To what extent do you think it will have an impact on that person in having a changed life ??
Will be great if someone can answer that !!

V.Chacko Jacob said...

John, Let me be totally frank & honest. In a batch of 20 people; For 16 to 17 people the effect lasts for a week or two; For 3 to 4 people the effect lasts a life time. It is for those 3 to 4 people that we are into training with a passion.

John said...

True. Thanks Jacob.,. for the frank answer. Would love to attend one of your sessions :)

P.S said...

@ Jacob: Very well said... Kudos :)

@John: Hope that quelled your doubt ;)
Thanks for actively participating !!