Sunday, February 24, 2008

Attitude for Altitude

Iam sure that many of you must have heard the saying: "Attitude determines your altitude". On careful analysis, the words reveal much information, than which meets our eyes.

One of my friends who is preparing for his MBA confined in me his desperateness. He feels he has to improve on his quants. Yet he feels that managing time for MBA preparation apart his working hours, is too hard.And so each and every time, he attends MBA classes, he feels that he is of no hope. That he is not capable of clearing CAT. I understood his situation wherein you began to lose hope in yourself and then you began to stop making any efforts thinking that it
wont yield any results. Whereas in reality its the other way round. As he was not taking any efforts for preparation, he finds himself in a gauche. Which in-turn makes him lose his self-confidence. What i made him understand is that he has 2 choices.

One is that he understand the fact that he needs to improve his Quants skill and make conscious effort to improve that. Conscious effort in the sense that while measuring your improvement, you dont compare yourself to others, rather you see how much you have improved with respect to your previous performance.

Second is that he keep cribbing about his poor performance, and telling to himself that he cannot do anything, which invariably will yield only that. He will achieve nothing. Hopefully, he got my point and went back consoling himself that he must focus on what he wants rather than what he doesnt wants. Iam sure he has made a decision to give his best shot and efforst in his preparation.

The best way is to keep telling ourself : Attitude directly proportional to Altitude. No matter in what situation you find youself in as long as you retain the right attitude, you can be guaranteed of happy living.

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