Monday, February 25, 2008

A Day with an IIM Educatee !!

We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals. - Stephen Covey.

ME: Host - Prashant Sree
Guest - Vishal Jalan

Today we have a guest who has not only excelled in his professional work career, but also pursues his interest in moviemaking which made him get a nomination in Berlin Short Film Festival. It is none other than Vishal, who is now pursuing his management studies in crème de la crème Institute- IIM Indore. He is a versatile and creative individual who loves to takes initiatives and to bring innovations.He did his graduation from daiict, gandhinagar, Worked for 2 years with HP as a software engineer.

ME: Hi Vishal, I welcome you to the PERFECT show on behalf of my readers and thank you for agreeing to be a guest in the show
VJ: i feel privileged :)

ME: Thats humble of you:).,. Here we go, What r u passionate about in Life ?
VJ: I am passionate about many things in life... The most important one being looking for creativity and innovation in whatever i do... I want to bring something to this world which can affect million of people around the world for better and I strongly believe that I have in me to do so...

ME: Interesting.,. How do you do that ?
VJ: I have this knack of looking at things very differently... I always give innovative solution to problems.. my creativity is manifested by my movies... I have made around 15 short movies till date..One of them being nominated to Berlin short film festival. I also took part in bringing together IIM-Indore 360, a student portal for knowledge dissemination.

ME: Can you share something about IIM Indore 360 ?
VJ: IIM Indore 360 is a student portal of IIM Indore. 360° aims to live the vision of the institute of instilling pride in all its stakeholders by following the participatory model. We believe that every participant brings with him/her a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set. The participants at IIM Indore are actively involved in ensuring that the institute becomes a pinnacle of learning, where learning is not simply a part of life, but a way of life.

ME: I agree with you completely. Goin on to my 2nd Q, what have you learnt till now, which you would like to share with others ?
VJ: The most important lesson i have learnt in my life is that pursue things which interest you.. never go for a rat race... you'll only excel at things you enjoy doing... and are passionate about it.. if that passion and hence the interest is missing you can not succeed.

ME: Thanks for sharing that.
VJ: u r welcome :)

ME: Now you should be way different from t crowd, as some philosophers put it, Now if u can change anything in the world, what would you like to change ?
VJ: Now thats a tough one... :) I think the resources I have and the capabilities i have they tie me to certain extent and as said before...I want to give something to this world which would change the lives of many in this world.. it could be a product or an idea.. something which will reduce the divide... inequality and a world which is better.

ME: Right.,. Assuming that God gives u one wish which u can have, an specific wish of yours.
VJ: place to live in than it would be a world without boundaries... and discriminations... no racial discrimination... no castism a single world where human treats human as human.

ME: I appreciate your thoughts and t wish.,.Who is ur fav mythological or imaginary character ?
VJ: I have none.. I dont believe in them...

ME: Do you have any role models ?
VJ: I like steve jobs.. i like dhirubhai ambani... and how they could achieve wat they did but again... as i said i wont call them role models.. and i dont like this concept because by doing so you are constantly defining a domain of what you should be doing and what u can which i dont think is correct

ME: Hmmm.,. Thats a different & unique perspective.,. ;)
VJ: i strongly believe in so :)

ME: Ok, what do u want to evangelize in you life ?
VJ: Everything in my life revolves around that mission which i talked about before... and that i what i would like to be remembered for..

ME: what do u consider as ur charm ?
VJ: my confidence.. my sense of ability to understand people.. :)

ME: Talk of multi talented :) Ok, Your thumb rule for life ?
VJ: do what you like... dont do what others want you to do..

ME: Well said.,. Now, some offbeat Questions.,. since you have been a CAT Achiever ;), what do u think should be the strategy to bell the CAT ?
VJ: practice and lot of it... identify your strong areas.. fortify them... if something is weak.. dont go for correcting them unless it is major chunk in cat..for example if probability is not your forte... forget it.. instead of wasting months of time in this..strengthen other things.. no body does complete cat paper in the given time..

ME: Thanks a lot for the strategy :). Now, how do u inspire or keep oneself motivated in staying on course ?
VJ: I envision a future for myself.. i try to see myself there.. and this is wat works as the driving force..which keeps me pushing all the time..

ME: Thank you for that one..! Your favourite books till date ?
VJ: The godfather... god of small things.. the tipping point.,. freakonomics..

ME: Cool,., Thats it Vishal.,. Thanks a lot for being with us And for sharing your quite unique perspectives.,.
VJ: my pleasure :)

ME: All t best in your endeavours.,.
VJ: Thank You. :)


Dhamodharan's Blog said...

Great job Prashant, interesting. Keep going.

P.S said...

@ Dhamu : Thanks Buddy.,.

sri said...

Hey prashant !!
good work man .. but could be more interesting with real time examples

P.S said...

@ Sri : Thanks Sriram. Will take your input on that... ;)

John said...

To Vishal --> Didnt quite get your reasoning for not agreeing with Role Models. Any explanations ??