Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Day with a Knowledge Manager !!

I thank all the readers who have been kind enough to share their feelings with me about the show and had given me their opinions.

The much awaited second edition of the PERFECT show gets underway.

Me: Prashant Sree - Host
NP: Nirmala Palaniappan - Guest

The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge
- Bertrand Russell

Today we have a person who not only believes in the above line but also leads her life accordingly.We have Ms.Nirmala Palaniappan, a Knowledge Management Consultant working in one of the best known software- firms.

She is a B.E and MBA graduate, and has been working for 8 years....She has filed a patent on Knowledge Management and has written and presented many papers on Knowledge Management in international conferences. She also has been involved in KM Consulting programmes with organizations in US, UK and India.

She is a die hard fan of PLUM ,(PG Wodehouse) and C&H (Calvin and Hobbes) - as she says it :).
She is also an active blogger where she provides insights in to Knowledge Management aspects.
You can check her blog here

Me: Hi Nirmala, I on behalf of my readers welcome you to the PERFECT show. It indeed a honor to have you as a guest in the show.
NP:It is my pleasure to be here.

Me: Thank You. Iam eager to start on with the interview,., Now, on with the first Question. What are you passionate about in Life ?
NP: Right now, there are many things I am passionate about in life. Creative Thinking, Books, Knowledge and Learning, Knowledge Management, Advertising and Branding are some of the things that come to my mind immediately.

Me:Reminds me of multi-tasking :). Being a Knowledge Management consultant, what do you think plays major factor's in one's life to succeed ?
NP:Read a lot. Read as much as possible and do it with an open mind. But do a good job of selecting the right kind of stuff to read. It helps you widen your perspective and go beyond ordinary life.

Develop a passion for at least one thing in life. It will keep you motivated and active. If you're not passionate about what you're doing at present, go in search of that something that will instill a passion in you. You'll be the best if you do something you love.

Forgive. Forgiving others means you lead a more peaceful life.

Me: I will keep that in mind. And loving the doing part is the best anyone can hope for. I agree completely with you on that.,. Now magic time;). If you can have anything you want to happen , what would you like to change ?
NP: Actually, there are many things I'd like to change. But let me tell you one thing that comes to me immediately - Disregard for the environment. I'd like to work towards understanding the value of nature and also helping others understand its importance so we don't destroy the world they way we are destroying it today.

Another very critical thing is the need to defocus from money and not behave like as if money is everything in the world. It is important but please have your priorities right....let's not put it above more important things.

Me: Nicely put. And thats a unique wish.,. I do hope that we understand the nature's blessing sooner and began to treat her with more care.,. Now, i know that you are die-hard fan of P.G Wodehouse. So ,apart from that, which mythological hero do you like the most and why ?
NP:Hanuman. He is a perfect example of Devotion, Intelligence and Strength added with Humility! Krishna is also a favourite because he is so charming.

Me:Hmmm.,. Strength and Charm in one !! Gr8 :) Ok, so now, since you are a Knowledge Management consultant , it will be interesting to know what you would like to evangelize ?
NP:Whatever I am doing at present! Since I am a Knowledge Management professional, I love evangelizing KM in my organization.

Outside, I am also a great evangelist of PG Wodehouse (Author), Calvin and Hobbes (Authored by Bill Watterson) and Ilayaraja (Music Director). I also like evangelizing for creativity and passion in life. But there's something that I want to evangelize in future. I'll reveal that when the time is right. :)

Me:Will Look forward to that. What do you consider your charm ?
NP: I don't know if I am charming. But most of my friends like me for my enthusiasm, affection that I show towards them and my sense of humor (very silly sense of humor actually).

Me:Haha.,. Seems like being a PLUM fan has its own charms ;). Now, the important one.,. What do you think is the Thumb Rule for Life ?
NP:Love, Laugh and Learn. :-) And well, just be happy.

Me:3L's !! Seems like the KISS principle. Keep It Short and Sweet. One last Question, who has been your Role-Models ?
NP:There are so many people who I have attempted to learn from. I don't think I can refer to just one person. I am lucky that I generally look for the positive qualities in everyone I come I end up respecting someone for his communication skills, some one else for her leadership skills, some other person for his sense of humor etc.

But I do admire PG Wodehouse for his approach to life - taking everything lightly, Bill Watterson - for his values and creativity, Da Vinci - for his genius, Shakespeare - for his talent and wisdom, Swami Vivekananda - for his courage, confidence and influential skills and many others.....

Me: There is a Chinese Proverb :

A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.

Iam sure that many of us have saved many of our years, by having you as a guest in the show. Having you as a guest in my show was indeed a pleasure. I thank you once again on the behalf of my readers for being a guest in the show and we wish you the very best in all your endeavours. Thank You.


V.Chacko Jacob said...


If the show is similar to what you have put up here - "I am interested". Get in touch at anytime.


On 12th Nov. 1901, Swami Vivekananda wrote to Ms. Christina Greenstidel: (source:his complete works)
"...Day before yesterday, however, came the Puja of Kali. We had an image, too, and sacrificed a goat and burned a lot of fireworks. This night every Hindu home is illuminated, and the boys go crazy over fireworks. ..."

What a courageous Sanyasa and Management!

P.S said...

Thank You Jacob. Gr8 to see that you found it interesting :)

John said...

Hey Iam too a die-hard fan of P.G.Wodehouse..!! His works are fabulous..
Gr8 to see alike fans of his :)

P.S said...

@John : Agreed, that P.G is a phenomenon.
Though a novice, i have become a fan of his :)