Friday, February 8, 2008

Answer Correctly & Win the hearts of People !!

Came across a exceptional site today.,.You can call it Man's ingenuity at its best :). Its none other than ""

It is a sister concern of the world poverty site, According to the organizers, they have 2 purposes.

1) One is to alleviate the world hunger by providing rice for free to the hungry people.
2) Second is to provide English vocabulary to everyone for free.,. (Sounds good isnt ?? )

They have a kind of free quiz on vocabs, wherein for every correctly guessed meaning of a word,you will be donating 20 grains of rice. Their income generators are the sponsors who advertise in their site. Their ingenuity in combining free knowledge with rice donation is commendable. After all , who wouldnt like to be a part in feeding the hungry people,

What more, you also get to learn new words and improve your vocabs. For people who will be preparing for CAT or any MBA exams, this will immensely help in boosting their vocabs.
The Vocab quiz has a kind of relative questioning process where the difficulty level increases every time you answer the Question correctly and decreases, if you answer incorrectly.

I have decided to give atleast few visits to the site , doing my part in helping the UN (United Nation) in feeding poor people as well as in learning something.

Iam sure you will also be eager to test your English proficiency.,.

Get set.,. & Go :)

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