Sunday, January 27, 2008

Compromise or Conscience !!

If a Man must choose either his comfort or conscience, which one should he choose ? The likely answer will be Conscience. But does that really happens ? Suppose the Question is which will he choose ? Probably, Comfort would have been the answer.

This is what has been depicted in the movie Halla Bol. When faced with a critical situation, a man tends to take the easy way even though it means being blind to some things, acting as if that thing has never happened. But pretending isnt going to help in the long run.

Ok now coming to the movie, Devgan is a part of the street play group where he is considered as an actor with good acting talents. The group is lead by Pankaj Kapoor , who was formerly a famous dacoit who surrendered after hearing to the King Harichandra's Story. Later, Siddu(Pankaj) continues enacting street plays on themes which create social awareness among the masses. Devgan goes on to become a SuperStar in the tinsel-world. As he realises his dream, his personality also undergoes a total transformation, innocence replaced by deceit, truth by lies.. From a Man, who lived for his ideals , he became a Man, who prioritized his public-image more than his ideals.

Then an incident happens, which changes his life. He has to make a choice between Conscience or Comfort. Initially he pulls curtain over his eyes to pretend he can escape from the truth, but eventually his conscience takes over and he begans his fight for justice.

And that has been depicted well in the movie, When he becomes a Actor, he has all the money and fame,which the world longs for, but he loses everything- his wife's love, parents love and more importantly his own self worth. Ironically,once he decides to change , he loses everything the world gave him- his image, name & secure living.In return, he wins back his near & dear ones love. C'est la vie :)

How he fights for a cause and overcomes the obstacles to come out victoriously ( Yes, he does wins in his efforts.. Have you ever seen a Indian Movie yet ,in which the Hero doesnt Wins ?? ), you have to see the movie yourself to know that. :-)

Another noteworthy point made in the movie is that when an injustice happens around us generally we tend to ignore it. Why bother ourself with something when it doesnt involve us. As long as the scapegoat is a third person, why invite trouble ?? Thats how we tend to think first.,. Unfortunately, when we fail to stand up for a cause for another, it always means that anyday it will be us facing the same situation.

Like a saying goes " If you are not a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. "

Actually, i wrote this post due to an incident which happened near my locality. I was standing near a shop, when i heard someone shouting and screaming. I looked towards the source of noise,to find a old lady shouting at a man, who was shabbily dressed. Seems the man had physically brushed himself against her. Didnt know if the man had done it intentionally or by mistake but by the way the lady shouted it looked like the man's intentions were bad.

What was surprising was that no one showed any signs of anything happening. Everyone around her went on with their own work, without even batting an eyelid. I am not suggesting that they should have catched up the guy and thrashed him up. (incase he was innocent), but atleast anyone could have raised a voice in support of the lady.

Hopefully the guy had went his way without causing any commotion. If it would have been, iam not sure how many would have come to the lady's rescue. (Even i was a mere spectator to the proceedings, telling myself, that if the situation got out of control, i will do something. So thinking of it now, it was wrong on my part...)

Not only this, few other incidents which have been happened in Bangalore, over 2 months or so, 5 software engineers rounded up by few rowdies and beat up in the Night, a young teenage girl being eve-teased by few guys who caused her injuries by dragging her along the road and she was traumatized for a long time.

I know these incidents are incredulous, yet they do happen. And one of the reason being, people not taking action against the wrong-doers and remain a silent spectator. We have a choice at that instance. Either to stand up for a cause or else fade into oblivion. A choice between Compromise or Conscience. The compromise choice will sound easy,yet there will be a small voice shouting all along saying that we should have stood for a cause..! Either we wait for something to happen in our life and then take action or else live a life with the conscience banished to oblivion !!

Taking the conscience path will invite pressure, troubles which will test our loyalty to it, But if we hold on till we win the battle, it will be an entirely different scenario, better left to be experienced, rather than expressed.

Make your Wish - Compromise or Conscience ??


Chinth said...

the posting is great, continue it, even the quotes were nice, see if you can add some milton to those sentences!

P.S said...

Thanks Sis.,. Have completely forgotten Milton.,. Anyhow, will start using it from now onwards :)

Kishore said...

Great post.

It is by coincidence that I stopped by your blog only hours after watching this good movie. Movie is thought provoking. Most of the times we are afraid of taking the lead but always ready to join once you find another one has taken lead.

We need leaders with very strong values and courage to make 'Halla Bol' successful. There will be a few among thousands who will find their calling and take steps in their own life. Being true to oneself makes us humans.

P.S said...

@ Kishore: Thank You. Coincidence is nothing but incidents strung together by invisible threads.,. Glad to see that you stumbled upon this post.

I agree with your opinion that when everyone begans to change himself for the good, thats when one realises his true identity.