Monday, January 28, 2008

Shocking Incident - Theft Attempt in Bus !!

This incident happened to one of my friend who was travelling in Bus. Iam describing the incident as he told me. My friend who wishes to remain anonymous, was travelling from IIM towards Jaideva hospital flyover on Banerghatta road on bus(route) No 369 "some suffix" .The bus was very crowded and suddenly he found that a group of ruffians had encircled him and did not allow him to move towards either front or back side of the bus.

Since he was carrying a significant amount of money(which he had kept in his jeans pocket) he tried to bring his hand towards his pocket. But they did not allow him to move his hand properly.Suddenly he found that someone had taken his specs and it was then he realised that some foul play is happening. He started shouting "please leave me,leave me." Then he noticed that the money which he had kept in his pocket was missing.

He started shouting that someone has taken his money. Fortunately one gentleman in the bus pointed that money was lying on the floor of the bus. (probably the criminal(s) may hav lost grip over the money). My friend gathered the money and rushed to the driver of the bus who then took the bus to the nearest police station.

The policemen told him to identify the criminals which he could not. Then they caught four persons from the bus on their own, probably because policemen recognise criminals of their area.(Who knows if they have an understanding with the ruffians ?? )

Then one of the policemen told him to go on the same police van ,which was carrying the criminals, to the police station and register a complaint. I refused to go in the same vehicle. (For what, so that the criminals can trash him in some place, in presence of the police ?? )

Then the policeman took his statement on a plain paper and finally asked him to give some money because they had caught four persons due to him !!!! ( A heroic act !! ) Initially he refused but when the policeman insisted he gave him some amount !! Then he hired a auto and left for his home.,. This left him in a much bitter state.

Ok, now to why iam discussing this in my blog. My friend was of the opinion that awareness must be created among people about this kinds of incidents so that they are better equipped to handle the situation, if they encounter (God forbid that ) one. As for me, from now onwards,I will ensure while boarding a crowded bus, i will take extra precautions to protect my belongings.

And regarding the police taking money, Iam clueless of what to make of that. !! If someone can shed light on that for everyone's benefit. (what can be done and what could have been done in that situation ?), it will be much appreciable.

P.S: Thanks to my friend for sharing this info, with me as well as his desire to share this incident with everyone.


Rohit said...

This is just a shameful incident.
Apart from giving a bad name to bangalore, it also raises serious doubts regarding the role of already much maligned police force.

P.S said...

@rohit: Yes Rohit. I agree with you. Raises the question,if the police(few individuals) were in terms with the crooked ;)

The Rock said...

Yeah Yeah.. We always blame the police. We should remember that police in India are paid a measly salary which is barely enough for a couple at today's cost of living. This is an easy way of making money. Can't and I won't blame them. Would be better if our brainy government had the brains to spend money improving salaries of the police, government institutions' teachers etc etc instead of planning to spend money on a fuckin useless mission to Moon.