Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Its a Wonderful Life !!

One of my friend had written a blog on a topic called "New", in which the freshness of "New" was described. What i liked about the blog was its reference to People finding life boring as they grow Older. Iam sure many of you will agree with the fact.When we are young, we see the world with all its splendour and the immense possibilities, but as time passes by, our vision narrows down. The blog suggested people looking beyond their drawn boundaries to find the joy in life.

Well, definitely one needs to unleash his true potential and open his vision to see the world in its true colors, and experience the unlimited joy and happiness. But the Question is how do u broaden your vision ? How do u make yourself see the world as a joyful and exciting place ?

Suppose we have a Magical Specs, which will help us to look beyond, what our eyes generally can perceive.Hmmm, sounds exciting isnt but chances of finding such things are remote. Which brings us back to the question, how do we broaden our vision...?

I had attempted to answer that Question, and here is my thought flows.
To appreciate Life one must appreciate oneself. As they say, If you want to change the world , you must change yourself first. This simple yet powerful thought escapes the understanding of many of us. We are continually failing to understand the impact we make in others life. Some might argue that it may not be so, if so let me ask a Question. When was the last time you went to your Parents/Siblings/Childrens and said you Love them. Do you really know how many care about you ? Except a few, not many of us have any idea about it, coz no one has come to us saying that they value our relationship, neither we express ourself to anyone.(except expressing to a gal;).

We seem to think that as one grows old , one is supposed to less expose his feelings. Alas, what we fail to see in this is that as we began to close ourself from expressing to others,we are inadvertently closing ourself to others. And once we began to live unconsciously in solitude, we began to lose interest in Life, the cause being "Our inability to realise the importance of our existence". Since we are blind to the difference we make in the life of others,we think that Life has no meaning and that it is boring, Ofcourse it has to be, Coz you have denied yourself
the chance to seek meaning in your life, by shutting yourself out.

We tend to look at the effect like "Life is boring,dull, uninteresting" and continue to get fed of our existence, same life, same routine, same this, same that . . . But what we should have been doing is to focus on the cause that is "What made life boring" , "Why does the same routine exist" ?

The individual's belief in himself has been well illustrated in the movie "Its a Wonderful Life" wherein the principal character decides to commit suicide,coz of the adverse circumstances he finds himself in and blaming himself for all that. Fortunately, his guardian Angel saves him by making him see the world without his existence, wherein he realises the difference he has made in the life of others in his lifetime. And then he gets the desire to live again, and finds himself enjoying life even he faces a possibility of being imprisoned. This happens coz, he realises his own self worth finally.

So the solution for renewed living : Find a purpose, which you can live for, one that will help you make a difference in the life's of others. It doesnt matter if you touch .000001% or 10% of people's life what matters eventually is what you lived for in your life and how your lived it. And before you do that,ensure you express yourself to as many of ur dear ones , your love and affection. And armed with your self-worth, go and live for that purpose.

Once you see your true potential, your true capability, life will never be the same again. I dont know if Guardian Angels may come to save us from adverse circumstances, but i know for sure that we can be a Guardian Angel to someone in adverse condition.

Signing off, wishing you all a Happy Living.,. :)

Its really a Wonderful Life !!


msr said...

good one!

augur said...

Good Post, dude. Keep it up !!

Argetlam said...

@ msr,augur : Thank You

Sriram K said...

Well laid out blog man , Happiness is always within your reach , depends on how you choose to reach for it

P.S said...

@sriram : Well said dude.,. Thank You.

msr said...

to add to Sriram's words...