Monday, January 21, 2008

50-30-20 Rule - For Time Managers !!

Yup, you got it right !! This little post of mine is about Managing one's time. It is of common knowledge that Great People who have achieved Great things shared a trait of managing their time. Whenever one talks about time management, i recollect this quote:

"The Best way to predict your future is to create it"

Amazing isnt it when we realise how much we can achieve by managing out time properly. I have attended seminars on Time Management and what i have learned is "Fix your goals, always keep reminding yourself about your goals". I do understand that Goals and Time management are interwined, but at the same time iam unsure of how can we keep reminding ourself of our goals when we want to enjoy life. I mean it requires a great effort to be consciously aware of our goals every moment.But, we also have to manage our time, in such a way that it doesnt bore us out as well as is exciting.

I came across one principle which i found to be very powerful and quite useful. It is called "50-30-20" rule.
Now all you have to do is ,take a count of number of hours you have after deducting the hours for sleeping,eating. The remaining hours you divide it in the 50-30-20 ratio.
The 50% of the time, you use it for doing current day activity,(Working in ur company, Attending school for Childrens). The next 30%, you use for doing activities which will help you in achieving your immediate goals, eg. (Prepare for any exams, Learn more about the subject...)
and, the remaining 20%, you invest in activities, which will help you in achieving your goals 5 years from now.(Your favourite hobby, reading books,...)

Suppose you have 16 hrs in a day, taking off 50% of the time (8 hrs) for working, the remaining hrs you divide into 30-20 ratio. which will be, 3.4 hrs & 1.6 hrs. The 3.6 hrs is to enrich yourself, learning tech fundaes, read tech books, practice coding etc. The remaining 1.6 hrs, we invest in activities, either planning for ur long term future or taking steps to achieve them.

The thing i like about this is that it makes one think about his future goals. Even if one doesnt have a planned goals, atleast this technique will make you sit down and give it some thought.

I did follow it up for few days which were really memorable and fun !! Alas, wasnt able to continue it up more time.

Now hoping to be back on track. Lets see how soon i get back to old ways + days again. :)

P.S: Thank You Ganesh Sir, for sharing the technique with me.

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