Monday, January 21, 2008

Miscellaneous Post - Fun Forum

You see, the advantage of subscribing to various groups is that you are assured of a mail daily. It gives you a feeling of importance & satisfaction that you get a new mail everyday. ;) . Anyhow, since iam following that policy , my inbox gets flooded with a mail everyday.
I have been following a process, called the "Mail-Redirection". Its simple. Any mail which you get as a forward from a group, just forward(re-direct) it to your friend groups. The main incentive you get is that, you get to play the role of a knowledge/fun conduit. Not to forget, your friends appreciation.I came to know about this while i was conversing with my friend. he was like Prashant, how come you forward such good mails. they are fabulous.Iam like: " oh, thats nothing." So you see, forwarding good mails do earn you a favourable opinion.

One of my senior has suggested "Why not post those forwards in your blog". At that time, i didnt give it much thought. Now that i think about it, i felt that it's not a bad idea either. So i decided to post Forwards, Post , Jokes, which i hope to be entertaining to the masses.

At the same time, the Question of copyright issue came into my mind. Now suppose, the original creator of the mail comes to know of this and feels bad that he has not been given the credit. (Not that i care about him getting credit or not, as Life is infair !!), rather i felt that i must do justice on my part.

So i had to break my head and come up with a "Disclaimer" on my own. Here's my official Disclaimer:

************** DISCLAIMER NOTE ********************

The Post which has been published here have been reproduced as i had received it. This information was obtained as a forward from an unknown source. It is for your own use. The Publisher leaves it upto the readers to judge the authenticity of the contents. Information in this post is the property of a "benign & Intelligent creature" or the Original Author. Since Ideas are anyone's monopoly, the publisher recognizes the right of the readers to reproduce and distribute the information according to their whims.
While no attempts have been made to verify information provided in this post, neither the Poster nor the Publisher assume any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.Suppose if the original creator of the post, comes across this material which he thinks as his creation, he is encouraged to claim his credit by commenting his name as that "benign & Intelligent creature" who created the information in the first place. He will not have anyother claim on the post or on its usage.

******************** THE END ***********************

Finally, wish you a happy reading :)

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