Friday, January 18, 2008

The Phoenix raises from the Ashes !!

Well, before you start wondering which "Phoenix" Iam referring to, let me explain that i have taken the liberty to use that metaphor to imply me starting my blogging again. I had never liked blogs,the main reason being that i feel that people use blogs to spill out their woes,troubles & fancied imaginations.

Untill i came across some blogs which left me thinking about the power of blog. Well frankly saying, you do get a fan following, and thats a good incentive, which cannot be refused :) And some blogs discussing on general topics, gets you to know about a person's perspective on an issue. So well here Iam deciding to once again blog, to get a fan following :) (Thats a big Goal, at this stage, and i love Big Goals ).

I would like to thank few of my friends who directly or indirectly, played a part in my re-bloggaissance( blog renaissance). My humble thanks to my dear sister(Chinth) & my dear friend Arun who have been quite encouraging whenever i suggested that iam thinking of blogging. And one of my mentor Mr.Ganesh Srinivasan,an Alumni of my college with whom i had got acquainted. I used to send mail forwards to our college yahoo groups & he suggested me to put those in a blog so that other people can get benefitted. Thank you Sir, for those encouraging words.

And my friends Sriram & Sumathi who themselves are a different breed of bloggers and who have always encouraged me to pen down my thoughts in the blogosphere. A different breed coz by the time you finish their reading their blogs, you are left wondering about something. Thank you Guys !!

And 2 people who have got me inspired to start my blog again are Robin Sharma & SunderRajan. Robin Sharma is one of my mentors and when i was going through his book,The Greatness Guide, the fact that he also blogs inspired me a lot. Talking of modelling ur models !! (Will deal with it someother time).And then talking about SunderRajan, he is also a Alumnae of my college. i came across his blogs once and found it a bit different. And also the fact that he has got IIM calls, and the fact that blogging must have helped him improve his language usage and knowledge inspired me a lot, to start out on my own.

So thank you all named & unnamed folks,who did their share in helping me, iam out in the big blogosphere to learn & give something. And yes,not to forget the huge fan following ;).

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Sundar Rajan G S said...

Cool work prasanth..

Let the blog be a phoenix..

All the best! :-)