Thursday, April 24, 2014

Secret to become Rich

Iam back! 

After a long hiatus, thanks to the prodding of two of my friends, I finally got back to write an article. To think of why i stopped writing, there were a couple of reasons. One, I felt I had to write a truly perfect, and unique article, which will be well received. Secondly, I thought that instead of writing blog, I will use that time to focus my efforts in writing my book. Surprisingly, I couldnt utilize my time for book writing as well. To cut a long story short, I eventually ended up becoming lazy and my procrastination friend ensured that I continued to procrastinate my idea of writing a blog. That was until now, when I decided to kick out the procrastinator guy out and write an article now! 

I really havent a clue of what to write now. Iam just wondering which apt topic to write upon. If you are expecting something profound to come up, do not go any further! Seriously, do not go any further. One thing which comes to my repeatedly since the last couple of months is the desire to become rich. To have a big bungalow, have all the luxuries of life and being rich enough to travel across the world! As i sat wondering how will i go and make my desire come true, I came across an video in the net, which was about the topic of becoming rich! With my curiosity bursting out, I watched the video earnestly. At the end, I was dumb founded about what i got to see. 

The video had a very profound message to share. It tell a story of a boy who dislikes his father, and sees him as a nobody, a poor, unsuccessful and not a smart person! They struggle to meet their daily needs. His father inculcates a habit of making him put a part of his pocket money into a box. The boy asks his father "Why arent we rich". The boy's father responds "Being rich is not about how much you have, but about how much you give"

The boy doesnt understand it then, but resolves not to be poor as his father. He puts his best effort and in due time, gets scholarship and ends up getting a good job! He becomes busy with his work, neglects his father by not visiting him during the vacation. In few months, his father passes away. The boy visits the home then and gets to see a different side of his father (Dont worry, his father is not a CIA/FBI agent, as we most often see in movies). I have shared the video link below for you to watch. 

I will leave it to you to watch the remaining part of the story. IT IS WORTH THE TIME TO WATCH! 

As I watched the video, I had a couple of realizations. Most often we are so busy with our own concerns and problems in our life, that we wonder why arent we happy or why arent we getting rich. We are fully immersed in multitudes of problems in our life. But the secret of being rich, is not about having a big balance account in the bank, or owning a huge villa. Coz, at the end of the day, you would still want to have more, earn more. 

The moment one starts thinking about someone's else happiness, doing something however small to bring a smile to other person life, there is a completely new world waiting to be discovered. Just try doing any of the following today! 
  • Make someone feel better about themselves (Because you will feel better about yourself at the end)
  • Making someone belief in their dreams (Coz your belief in your dreams will become much stronger)
  • Making someone's hope come alive (Coz your light of hope will never fade)
  • Bring a smile to someone or (Coz you will remain smiling always)
  • Appreciate someone for their goodness. (Coz your good deed will be appreciated for eternity) 
Call it law of karma, law of universe or the SECRET working in your favor. Irrespective of what you believe in, when you truly take a step forward to help someone else by overlooking your own problems or concerns, that's when LIFE gives you much more than what you can imagine! 

Imagine a world where people respect you genuinely, love you and truly care for your well being! Imagine a place where your one simple action impacts someone's life so much that you are remembered forever. Imagine leaving a legacy behind where you are good deeds continue to touch and make others live their life for better. That is in the truest sense, being RICH. 

All you need to do is one simple stuff. Dont bother about how much you have, just give. Because at the end of the day, being rich is not about how much you have, but about how much you give. 

P.S: Thank you Preeti and Vardhinee for reminding me often to re-start my blog writing. Your insistence helped in me overcoming my laxness. 

As a extra note to the article, something interesting happened, which Iam sharing here. When i finished writing the article for the first time. I had fully written the article and had pasted it to the blog post, when suddenly my laptop got switched off. (it keeps switching off, arbitrarily). I restarted the system only to find my entire article disappear! I had written in a unsaved notepad, so it wasnt there and neither was it saved in the 
blog post draft. I had with great difficulty overcome my lazyness to write an article, and when I finished writing it, I found to my dismay that it had fully vanished. A part of me said 'it already late, go to sleep, you can write the article later, but another part of me said "if i dont write the article now, possibly, I may become lazy & not write the article for a long time. So, i sat back and again wrote the article for 30 minutes and published it again. 

The reason why Iam sharing this here, is to just remind my lovely readers that whenever you decide to change for the better, YOU WILL BE met with unforeseen challenges or troubles and you will be tempted to give up! My only request to you is not to GIVE UP! Just continue trodding an extra few steps, you will reach your destination. May the force be with you :) 


Nari said...

now, that's a real comeback.. amazing story with a beautiful msg.. totally worth the time.. keep writing..

Destination Infinity said...

All of us contribute to the society in different ways. That's how we can continue to live in the society. Money is an indicator of the value we add. If we get more money, we are doing more of what impacts other people's lives. Solving more problems. That's why someone is paying, right?

So, money is a mere indicator of the amount of value we add to the society. Going after money, hence, is silly. But aiming to add more value to the society (in some way) should be the goal. Money is the result. IMO.

Secondly, human beings are driven by desire. The father in the video has been spending his time/donating to community causes because it makes him happier (along with making the kids happy). That's why he does it. He was, in the process, adding value to the society in their own way. But there are a number of other ways one can add value. One can be an entrepreneur/researcher and still add more value to the society by inventing/taking products that solve people's problems/make their lives easier, to them (for example).

Destination Infinity

Z said...

It's a lovely video. Thank you.

I have chosen to do voluntary work, as we have enough money to live on without me taking paid employment, and we're satisfied with a relatively simple life, though we are not at all poor. My mother did too, but later in life wished she had more money and stopped valuing the loving work she had given. I think that's such a pity. I hope I never feel like that. I'm glad to be useful.

Prashant Sree said...

@Narita: Thank you for the kind words.

@DI: Well said. I completely agree that what we receive is the effect of what we had done. The more we add value, the more we get, in the truest sense of the working of the world.

The desire part while true is a little tricky. I will instead of saying the father was spending his time coz it made him happier, I would say he made a choice to do it. entrepreneur/researcher is a different game. While most of the entrepreneurs are fueled by the desire to create something, only a few % of people are driven by the desire to make a difference. Still, it works out for them as well as for the society.

@Z: Iam impressed by your concern to do good for others. I can think of the law of Universe which says 'Do good to others, good will come to u'. As long as you truly believe in what you do & the good impact it has in people's life, Iam sure you will be blessed always :)