Wednesday, October 1, 2008

There are no Secret Ingredients :

I had watched Kung-Fu-Panda, the last week.,. Disclaimer : Iam not going to do a movie-review here.,. I feel that my Movie review will be so pathetic that it will inspire the IMDb to take off the star ratings which it would have given to the Movie. So i will maintain a safe distance from it and go ahead with sharing my Fun Learnings, which i took from movie. Similar to my previous post on the movie "The Forbidden Kingdom", Kung Fu Panda had is share of Fun Learnings !! Iam sharing 3 Fun Learnings from the movie.For the introduction, the movie is about a Panda who aspires to be a Kung Fu master, and who eventually becomes the coveted "Dragon Warrior" inspite of several other established Kung Fu masters who were existing contenders for the title ""Dragon Warrior".

The Land of Peace-China is under the constant fear of Tilong(Thi-Long) who has struck the fear in the village. Master Woo-guwahe tells Master Shi-Fu that the Dragon Warrior will be the one to defeat TiLong. So a ceremony is conducted to choose the Dragon Warrior from the Master Shi-Fu's disciples the legendary Furious Five "The Tigress,Viper,Crane,Monkey and the Mantis". But Kung Fu Panda is chosen as the Dragon Warrior, quite unexpectedly. Master ShiFu being unhappy with the selection determines to drive out Panda and he tells Master Woo-guwahe that Panda has been chosen wrongly. It was an accident. for which Master Woo-guwahe replies "There are no Accidents." Its quite amazing to see that the circumstances in our life which seem to be accident are not accidents !! Everything happens for a reason and due to our attracting the incident in to our life. Life is better for those who understand this truth.

Secondly, when the Panda gets disappointed because of Master Shi-Fu hatred for him and decides to call it quits. Then Master Woo-guwahe tells him that there is a difference between concerned with 'Whats' and 'What will be'. in Life. Yesterday is history , Tomorrow is mystery but today is a gift that is why it is called a present.And he tells him that a True Warrior never quits.,. Lets compare this analogy with our life, most of the time,we are more concerned with what would happen and lose the present time worrying about the things to happen, instead of being a true Warrior we are, we tend to give in.,. We lose the aspect of what we could be if only we Believed in ourself.,. No matter what the situation is, the only thing that matters is how we perceive ourself to encounter the situation, which will determine how successful we are.,. Everyone is special. Its only those who recognise it , who go on to do worthy deeds.

Thirdly,the Dragon Warrior(Panda) gets the Sacred Scroll which is supposed to bestow the Dragon Warrior with immeasurable Power. And when the Panda opens the
the scroll he finds nothing in it. He doesnt get the sense of it. His father who is a Noodle shop owner, tells him later the secret of the special soup,he prepares is "Nothing".,. There are no secret ingredients. For something to be special, you just need to Believe its special.,. There is no secret ingredient.,. The Panda understands this later and goes on to defeat the Tilong.,. Similarly in our life, some times we think there is a magic motion for happiness, Secret way to become rich, secret way to be successful.,. And if they would have existed we would have shops selling them , a potion of Happiness for 500, Tablets of Peace - 1000, Capsule to become Rich - 5000 etc. (The denominations could be in any amounts,depending upon the economy of the country ;) ). The real Secret is there are no Secrets. Its all simple time tested principles which exist , and Successful people follow that.,. So, my dear friends, the only person holding you back from shining in life is none other than YOU. Believe in you and you will unleash your true potential.,.

Those were my Fun Learnings !! I dunno if i have put across the learnings in an effective manner, if so i request everyone who reads it to tell me if the message could have been presented in a more effective manner. My sincere Advance Thanks to you all.. Also,if you had seen the movie, i would love to hear your thoughts and your Fun Learnings from the movie too.,.

God Speed.


Cess said...

it was very well said I must say,
++"There are no Accidents."... Everything happens for a reason ... Life is better for those who understand this truth.'++ I totally understand that but i m struggling with at the moment, cause i m dealing with people who could not care less about that :(

I ve seen the cartoon twice, i found it funny, but no learnings, when seeing this type of movie I usually go brainless to the movie cause i don t want to think, just have fun :)

Thanks for the learning, i ll use it tomorrow :)


Priya Joyce said...

u hav put it very well man.
loved the post and U call it funny but I feel tat they are pretty serious. And specially as Cess mentioned **there are no accidents.

RiverSoul said...

Yes, its true.
There are no accidents.
We are unique, and we will become what we choose to be.
And loved that movie dude.

«charlie|thotti» said...

Firstly, agreed.
Secondly, agreed.
Thirdly, agreed.

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

hey..!!! hiiiiiiii...was out busy...n about de post...luvd...!!!

Rajesh said...

too good....yeah well times, I cud relate this to ur prev write-up...unsure if i m right...or was it intended on ur part to co-relate...anyways it was very good dude...something for ppl to look int and ponder over..

Prashant Sree said...

@cess: Hey thanks for the comment and glad to know that you found the learning useful !! And about your life situation, i dunno what it is, but iam pretty sure that every situation in our life brings with it some learning for us or for others, if we are ready to receive it. Either you change or the others involved in it change :) Hope you handle the situation pretty well !! :)

@Priya: Yes dear, There are no Accidents !!

@river soul: Glad that you enjoyed it and gladder that you understood the sense of Uniqueness in each one of us :)

@Charlie: Hey dude, great to have you after a long time !! Thanks for the 3 Agreed !!

@Kochu: Thanks man for coming up !

@Rajesh:Learnings are always inter-related.,. Didnt do it intentionally,. Sometimes, some ingredients just mix up.,. Its the soup that we taste that matters more.,. Isnt ?? ;)

ANWESA said...

nice review..i'll try 2 wach it soon..

Prashant Sree said...

@Anwesa: Hey i didnt know my Post was equivalent to a review.,. Thanks :)

Ravi Kumar said...

Wow! I wonder who would have watched the movie with such keen perception. Thanks for sharing the gems!

Priyadharshini said...

It indeed was an amazing movie.. infact every animation movie these days come with such 'fun learnings'.. so much better than the utter-crap filled desi movies, ofcourse with its share of good entertainment... anyways thanks for the insight:)

Prashant Sree said...

@Ravi: You yourself have a keen observatory character.,. ;) you humble me :)

Prashant Sree said...

@Priyadarshini: Very true. Same goes with the "Wall-E" movie too.,. Good to see a trned where Animation directors have started focussing on something else than
just entertainment.,. Thanks for visiting :)