Sunday, May 18, 2008


If someone is thinking that Iam going to explain about magic and suggest a few tricks , Hey MaN, you are in the wrong place...! Well Iam going to share some immense powerful secrets ( Ok, i wont exaggerate, They are simple words which we use in day today life, but have immense potential to change our life.,. Here we go ...

There is a basic tenet for Happy Life. Representing it diagrammatically, it will be like this:


We all know that "Its what we do that defines us". It translates to the fact the according to the thoughts you have in mind, you will perform actions, which will inturn determine your conditions. Now, the purpose of this post is something similar which will help us empower ourself.

We will start with the first of the three mentioned i.e Thoughts. So how does one get thoughts. A lot of factors determine that !! Very true,like Our environment,the kind of activity we do etc... Also, there is something called "Language" or "Words" which we use which in turn will determine our thoughts to some extent. To give an idea, take a situation wherein you are waiting for a train or a bus. Assuming supposedly, that you are in a hurry, the normal mentality will be to be in a anxious state, cursing everyone , the bus, the government,the bus driver, the people at home who got us late,... and predicting the end of all things.

Its a common sight we see, when words like "F$^&#" and other "Star rated words" take prominence in our language. Now let us sit back and see the situation from a different perspective. The arrival of the bus , whether we want it or not, is outside our control. No matter how much we jump and bring the skies to the ground, the bus timing is least going to be affected due to it. Alternatively, if we could have saved the "cursed out" energy for some useful purposes, it wouldn't might make much difference, (except bringing down our Blood Pressure, and also the Blood Pressure of people around us.)

All of us have problems in our life. And most of us need someone to whom we can cry our worry out, someone who can boost us up. When we have a difficult situation to face, we immediately label it as "PROBLEM". And thanks to our society mind set, anything called PROBLEM is no less than devils incarnate. No matter how simple, the issue might be, we blow it out of proportion by labeling it as PROBLEM. Iam sure that many of us can relate to that fact, when someone would have come to us and said I have a problem, we look for the easiest way out from that place.Reason being, nobody wants themselves to be in a PROBLEM as Problem always brings us bad times...

Hmm.,., Instead while facing a difficult situation, if one calls it a Challenge , or a issue, it might lessen the intensity of the situation. Another good thing about the word "CHALLENGE" is that, we have a intrinsic mindset about the word "CHALLENGE" ie. we will face the Challenge. We get the attitude "I Vs Challenge". So obviously, you will be much more empowered to handle the task at hand, by mere using the word "CHALLENGE" instead of the word "PROBLEM".

This empowering mindset will go a long a way in ensuring that you face the issue at hand with more confidence and with more clarity. What more, people will love to throng around you as you will be the one who can challenge any of the PROBLEMS. Ultimately your charm and influence increases... So one of the way we empower ourself is by deciding whether we face a PROBLEM or CHALLENGE a PROBLEM.

The other empowering word i will share in my next post !! Ok, here i give a clue. Find it if you can. ;)

Have a Empowering Life !!

Take Control :)


Charlie~Thotti said...

If I paste this on my blog, I would assume I wrote it. I too like to think similarly.

P.S said...

@charlie: Then Good for you buddy !!