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PERFECT SHOW with Sundar - Passion Personified !!

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.
--- Georg Wilhelm

Well Folks, this time, we have a person who is passionate about passion very passionately. Didnt get it ?? Quite right, well, that was for the introduction. The guest of this edition of PERFECT Show is none other than my senior from NITT college, Sundar Rajan, A Googler Blogger.,. To elucidate, he worked in Google and he is a ardent blogger as well. He hosts a site called Coffee with Sundar, which has been providing a lot of gyaan to students about higher education and a lot of other activities.,. And yes, you got it right !! He worked(not works) in Google, and having successfully belled CAT'07, he is joining IIM-B this year. Without much ado, over to the Show.


Host: Prashant Sree : PS
Guest :Sundar Rajan: SR

PS: Hi Sundar,Welcome to the PERFECT Show.
SR Thanks a lot Prashant :-)

PS: Coool :) Lets Start !! So what are you passionate about in life ?
SR: I am passionate about learning/sharing knowledge.. I believe there is lot to learn.. There is even more to teach.. :-)

PS: Rightly said. I would like to ask a question here. What does one get by sharing if he doesnt get anything in return. ie. in monetary sense. what are your thoughts on this ?
SR: I think one must not always measure returns by monetary value.. There is so much value added when you teach.. Infact, from the givers perspective, it can increase confidence, give satisfaction.. you are looked at as experts from the receivers side.. And ofcourse there is so much value addition. you are giving information with a human touch.There is nothing like learning from people.. Its awesome.

PS: I admire your view...!
SR: Thanks

PS: Ok now, what things you have learnt in your life, which you would like to share with us ?
SR: I have a learnt quite a few things during my working years, which I have documented here..
Let me tell you the main thing. Passion and attitude is what determines success... and not the abilities. If you are passionate, there is nothing stopping you..

Coffee With Sundar

PS: Good answer. ;) Moving onto the next question, If you are a rebel, what one thing would you like to change in today's world ?
SR: Hmm..I think if there is one thing which I would like to change in the world would be myself.. If not some of my core principles..There is sufficient scope for improvement.. And as we keep adapting/improving with the changing world.. we would see that the world is a better place .If we dont change ourself.. we will be left in a chaotic place.. and it will appear that the universe is conspiring against us :-)

PS: Wonderful Thought !! Who is your favorite mythological hero ?
SR: I dont have any particular mythological hero.. :-) I dont know in what sense.. Do you mean role models?

PS: More like a mythology character.,.
SR: I really would like to be Sri Rama in life.. :-)

PS: Great !! Your reasons ?
SR: I think Rama is one person who is loved by all people.. He has this eka patni vrata. My Mom wanted me to be like Rama !

PS: Good !! Only the lighting behind the head and the bow is missing. Dont worry ! we will arrange for it soon ;)
SR: ha ha..

PS: Just kidding... I held him in high regard.
SR: :-)

PS: Gr8 !! Ok, now what would you like to evangelize in ur life ?
SR: Ah.. I would like to be remembered as a great teacher.. with a lot of knowledge.. who shared all his knowledge.. with *PASSION*.. I want to be a symbol of PASSION :-) in whatever i do..

PS:Hats off again Sundar. I like this passion thing about you. What do u consider as your charm ?
SR: Its my passion and high energy.. with which I do things..I also believe a lot in my ability to persist (in difficult) situations..

PS: Good.,. and to what do you contribute ur healthy charm ?
SR: Just to give an example.. I am using my charm to run Coffee With Sundar :-). Its one example.. of my passion, high energy and persistence.. I would like to use my charm in everything I do.. :-)

PS: haha ;) I think its well evident. and has been very useful for many.
SR:Well.. hopefully.. :-)

PS: :) Cool. then what is your thumb rule for life ?
SR: Learn a lot, Teach others.. Be a role model.. Be inspiring & Passionate.. Although.. this looks like hand rule.. not a thumb rule... :-)

PS: Shall i call it a self rule of Sundar.,. ;)
SR: Whatever u call .. :-) As long as I follow..

PS: Who are your role models in life till now ?
SR: I am very happy that you have asked about role models .. Because i have many.. I dont have one person who embodies everything.. I like some characteristics in some people.. for example..
I love the humility of Sachin Tendulkar,
Confidence of Shah Rukh Khan, Sorry to say ..

Only these two ppl u might know.. others are..
Learning & Teaching skills of Sreeram, Google Engineer, I like Vidhya Rangasayee for her ability to take initiatives,Hemalatha Thiagarajan Maam for teaching..
no single person.. as such.. thats it for the time being.. :-)

PS: Good.,. you have a canny ability to spot the good things in others.,.I am sure will be useful to u in the long run..! Which books have been your fav influences ?
SR: I am not a voracious reader.. I am have read (non academic) once in a while..
If at all there is any book.. I would say .. Algorithms by C L R S :-) .If it was not for that book.. I wouldnt have reached Google..

PS: haha ;) No wonder about that ;)
SR: The place where I learnt a lot of things.. where i found my passion

PS: Iam impressed..! good to see a techie with a human side in all sense.,.!
SR: ha ha :-)

PS: Well Sundar.,. I must say that this edition was indeed quite fun as well as enlightening.,. Thanks for sharing your gyaan with us ;). I wish you on behalf of the readers a Happy and Successful journey ahead !!
SR: I really enjoyed being a part of this show..

To sign off,

"Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself!"
- Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

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