Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Secret of Magical Life - Part II

Hi All,

Iam happy to say that my previous two post "Power of Positive Talk" and the "Secret of Magical Life - Part I" was very well received. I had many people thanking me for sharing such wonderful information with them. Iam sincerely happy and thank you all for your encouragement. I also thank my friend who had forwarded the information to me. In my second part of "Secret of The Magical Life", i was to share the second empowering word which will make an immense difference in your life.,.

After reading the "Secret of The Magical Life - Part I", Iam sure you are better placed to face the Challenges in your life. And more Challenges you face,the more you grow. Now to empower yourself, we have the second empowering word.,. Any guesses ...? Well, i had given you a clue in my previous post.,.The EMPOWERING WORD IS "TAKE CONTROL".

"Take Control" of Whom ? Why control. Isnt it kinda dominating ? If it makes no sense to you, let me explain and Iam sure you will be more comfortable in Taking control.,. ;). Before i elucidate further, i would like to say the instances when the above word if used can empower us to a great extent. Generally when people say bye to each other, we bid adieu by saying "TAKE CARE". Thats how it has been said and how we have been saying it.

Well , let me ask you a simple question. What does the word "TAKE CARE" imply ? "Take Care" suggest that you are telling to other person to take care of his life. The Oxford dictionary gives the meaning of care as "a feeling of or occasion for anxiety" or "feel concern or interest".

Many a times, we use the word "Take Care" mostly with small kids or patients, who need someone to take care of them. Hence when we use the word, "Take Care", we repeatedly program the receiver's mind (the person to whom the word is addressed) to take care of his life, which indirectly hints that he is not yet capable of taking control of his life.This may not be obvious, but the reality is we indirectly influence our closest people . Some of you may agree on this and some not, yet if one can fathom the immense power of his mind, then one can understand how programming our mind can affect our life to a major extent. Simply putting it, if "Take Care" makes a person get less confident mentally, "Take Control" programs our mind to take control of our life.

Imagine a situation. Your friend or hubby is in a dull mood. He calls you up and shoots down his sorrows to you. Just before you hung up, if you finish with "Take Care" , it will be programmed in his mind as "Be cautious in your approach and your situation is something of concern". No matter he will be in the same situation again. In contrast if you finish your conversation by saying "Take Control", you will leave him with a wise thought, that he can Take Charge of your life..,. He will definitely be better off and he will be definitely in much better spirits.

As someone rightly said,
" We cannot always control what is happening around us,but we can decide how we react to it ".

Wishing you aN empowered life.

Its your Life, Live it...



«charlie≡thotti» said...

Surprisingly as usual the last para is thought provoking; I agree with the idea however not the words(control), I would search for a more conventional and similar one.

Nice thoughts, though.

P.S said...

@ Charlie: I do agree with you that the way we hold us is more important than the words we use. Little things do make a great difference.,.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)