Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Day with a MS Grad !!

“Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the souls you can, in every place you can, at all the times you can, with all the zeal you can, as long as ever you can”
--- John Wesley

This week guest is a young grad, Balaji Ramamurthy pursuing his Masters degree in Computer Science at University of Arizona.Here goes his introduction:

He has finished B.Tech in Information Technology and currently working for his Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Arizona. His hobbies include quizzing and is an avid sports fan. He has played cricket, football and chess for other professional teams. He loves gaming on the PC.


Host - PS - Prashant Sree
Guest - BR - Balaji Ramamurthy

PS: Hi Balaji, Welcome to the Show.
BR: Thank You

PS: Well lets get on with the show. What are you passionate about in Life ?
BR: I am passionate about being a good person. I am passionate about leading a good life. I do not want to be remembered by anyone for some wrong reason. I like helping out the less fortunate people with whatever I can. I am passionate about doing things my way and living life my way without having to listen to anyone. To be short and simple, I am passionate about being good to all and living life my way, so that I do not have any regrets when I am there in my deathbed.

PS: Thats what you call being good and doing good... Indeed nice to hear that. So What have you learnt in your life till now which you would like to share with others ?
BR: What goes around comes back around. I have learned to believe in Karma. So essentially what I'd like to share with others is that you need to be frank, honest and good to others. And life will be good to you. I have also learned to be practical and not ideal in life. In most real life situations, you need to be practical and not ideal.

PS: Speaking of ideal, lets assume If you are given a wish to change one thing in world, what would you change ?
BR: The political system in India. Needless to say, once it changes everything bad in India changes.

PS: Far-Fetched idea ;) !! Anyhow i sincerely hope a useful change should happen soon. Who is your Favorite Mythological Hero and why ?
BR: Robin Hood. Bold and fearless. Someone who was practical and envisioned the greater good.

PS: Nice choice. A hero of the common folks... Ok, tell me What would you like to evangelize in your life ?
BR: Goodness. I have and will continue to utilize any opportunity that I get to help people that are less fortunate.

PS: Good !! What do you consider as your charm ?
BR: My persuasiveness and my ability to convince people (in a positive sense and for a good cause that is :) ).

PS: What is your Thumb Rule for Life ?
BR: Be good to everyone and be good to life. You will feel the reciprocation. Everyone will be good to you.

PS: I agree . What you do goes around and comes back. Who have been ur role models and why ?
BR: I have no role models. Which is because I live life my way. I do not believe in following anyone else's footsteps. Though I respect others for they have done, I am my own role model and I try to improve myself every day after self-introspection.

PS: A different attitude. But definitely one of the unique one. Which books which have influenced ur thinking ?
BR: I do not read too much. To be frank, books have not played any part in influencing my thoughts. It is life that has influenced my thinking. Life around me. Lives of people who live around me. Lives of people who I know.

And of course my life and experiences. All these influence my thinking and actions. Life is your best teacher. No book or role model can teach you anything. There is a lesson to be learnt everyday in life. So learn those lessons and let them influence your thoughts and actions in a positive way.

PS: Well said.,. Life is a strict teacher in reality ;). Well Balaji, we come to the conclusion of this version of PERFECT Show. It is refreshing to know your learnings which Iam sure will benefit someone reading this post.
I thank you once again on behalf of the readers for being a guest in the show and wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.
BR: Thanks Prashant for your wishes and wish you the same...

Thats it folks. I hope you enjoyed this version of PERFECT SHOW. Like Balaji said Life teaches us a lot of lessons everyday. It depends on each of us how open are we to the learnings and how we decide to implement that in our life, that will determine how we are in Life. Its your Life...!

I will wrap up by sharing a profound thought:

Be Kind to People, for everyone is fighting a hard battle !!


Sundar Rajan G S said...

I fully believe that there is so much to learn from people around you.. Infact they can be role models themselves..

P.S said...

@ Sundar: Yes Indeed. Thanks for sharing your view.
Maybe, thats what people mean when they say that There is always so much to learn... To quote a saying :
Known is a drop, Unknown is a ocean.