Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 Similarities between a Girl Friend and a Book

I just got this idea while conversing with my friends. One of my friend was lamenting on the absence of a Girl Friend in his life and he felt as if he was wasting his precious bachelors life for nothing. And he wondered when he will meet his first love. One of my other friend , a kinda book-oholic, always said that Books was his first love.

This contrast between the two , stirred the devil inside me to come up with a new post: Comparing the pros and cons of having a Book/GF for a company. And this been quite a delicate issue, I have tried to my best not to hurt anyone feelings, and if any one still takes it personal, you should know who to point your finger at ;)

Here we go ahead with the comparisons...

1) One Overt similarity will be that both of them give company(companion) to the individual concerned.

2) Over a period of time, you get bored with the 'same' her(the girl) /it(book) and switch over to something else. This is true in both the cases !!
Corollary: (As always, exception exist !!)

3) A good book/girl friend teaches you something, which will change you for the better in your life...

4) A book quality can be directly or inversely proportional to the number of pages. For eg. a small book of 150 pages can contain invaluable information.,. Also, there are books such as Encyclopedias which not only voluminous pages but also the same amount of information.Same goes with the Girls. In case of a girl, the beauty can be directly or inversely proportional to the intellect. Though the 'inverse part' is true in most of the cases.

5) Echoing the above point, Appearances can be deceptive both in the case of Books as well as Girls. An attractive cover neednt necessarily mean a good book. Similarly, an attractive outward appearance might/might not be an indicator of an attractive character.

To sign off, i would like to leave with this thought. Many of us have heard the saying - "Behind a successful man, there is always a Woman". Iam yet to hear a saying:
"Behind a successful Man, there is always a priceless book".

Well,well what i hear. Did someone say that Books are being discriminated ... Welcome to the real World ;)

P.S: I would like to see how many more similarities one can come up with. If any of you can add to the above ones, (in lighter sense of course ), it will be fabulous. Lemme see how many flex their creative muscles...!!!


Charlie~Thotti said...

very nice!

P.S said...

@ Charlie: Thanks for your appreciation !!