Friday, April 25, 2008

Happier or Wealthier... The Secret !!

I was surfing the blogosphere when i came across a article called "Does being Wealthy makes you Happy". You can check that here.

The article mentioned the researches being done and the conclusion henceforth that Richer Economies needn't necessarily mean a Happier Economy. I will leave you to go through the article and come up with your conclusions, what i wanted to muse about now is about the "Reverse-Flow" here. By "Reverse-Flow", i mean the diametrical question "Does being Happy means you will be Wealthy" ? And i assume many of you will be nodding your heads. Yes, indeed we will be Wealthy, if we are Happy.

Let me state a simple illustration. According to one of the research conducted (to find if people are happier when their economic conditions improve, there was an important observation which says that poorer people are satisfied with their living where as when the economic conditions improve, it is usually accompanied by a little insatisfaction as the need to want more increases. Its like a person walking envies the person who goes by cycle and once he gets a cycle , he looks on the bike rider and wants it. After bike, it is car,plane etc.(Of course, you cant own a plane, unless you are loaded with immense money !!, i meant traveling by plane !! ) The inherent need for more things can be attributed to Man's mind set. He basically needs more to satisfy his ego, whatever name we give to it... So the question of Happy if being Wealthy might go on and on, depending upon what we see...

Yet i feel that if one ask Being Wealthy if Happy might give us a clue to how we can really be happy as well as wealthy. Happiness is nothing but a state of mind. And there can be only one person who can be responsible for his state. It is "His/Her". Like what we say, we cannot ofcourse control what happens to us, but we may control to some extent how we react to it. There we go is the secret of the Happiness. Just understand that if we decide which will let us make happy can go a long way in determining our wealth. Wealth can be in monetary ways or it can be Peace, Health etc,., varying from each person to other.

Suppose for a person,his mindset is like "Having more Money makes me Happy", a little re-framing of his mindset to say that "Being Happy brings more Money to me" will ensure you are Happier as well as you will have abundant money. We all know, whatever we say to our mind, it believes what we say and manifest accordingly what we want.

Like Paulo Coelho said:

““When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.””



very true, but what about happiness when one reaches highr up the ladder, meaning people exaggerate too much, even if they do the work of a lets say teaching they say too much pressure is there and if one is the chairman of a company they say he is having too much pressure, What iam asking is that then there is no work in this world which is devoid of tension, because if a person is working at a lower cadre, he will ache for higher level of living, if a person is working at the highest cadre he will be aching for a peaceful life,doesnt it all depends on what we want and how we react to event.

P.S said...

@ chinthnidhi: I agree that what matters eventually is how we react to an event..Some people tend to seek happiness in monetary ways. It is that which i wanted to point out, that if you make yourself to be happy first, you will be wealthier as you will be satisfied internally. Tension
at job are rather challenges which you face, irrespective of whether you are a low level employee or a Company CEO. I hope it makes some sense ;)