Sunday, April 27, 2008


Everyone writes diary. For someone the diary plays a close friend , in whom we confide all our secrets.,. and for some a daily schedule planner. Much more interesting is when we read someone else diary. I know it holds much more ecstasy rather than watching T.V or doing something. Given below is some pages from random diary.,. It kept me glued to subsequent pages. Here starts the pages. . . . .


I wait everyday till 8.00 in the office even if there is no work. All of my teammates ask me why; how can I tell them that I don't wait for any personal or official work but the only reason why I wait is the 'secretary'- a girl in my 8.00 p.m. Chinchwad bus. 'Secretary' is not her real name, it's sort of a code name given to her by me and my friends. Truly speaking, I like her. She might not be one of those who look like Aishwarya Rai or Preitty Zinta, but she is cute and simple and that's the reason I like her. For past 6 months I have been staring at her in the bus, while going to office and coming back from the office. When I get into bus, somehow my eyes search the whole bus just to have her glimpse.
I never had a girlfriend till now, not that I don't like to have friendship with girls but somehow they usually prefer tall-dark-handsome qualities in their boyfriends, out of which I possess none. I don't want to jump to any relationship like this with the secretary but at least just a friendship, is it possible?
I want to talk to her. I want to have friendship with her. I know her name, for I had seen her ID card one day. But I don't have the guts to talk to her. I even don't know whether she knows me even by face. I know, no one can help me here; no-one other than myself, but I simply have no guts. At least someone probably a common friend, might at least formally introduce us to each other.

There is one guy in my office bus. His name is Niranjan. I think he likes me, for me and even my friends have observed him many times staring at myself. Even when he gets into the bus, rather than searching for an empty seat, his eyes search the whole bus for me. Don't know why but I kind of like it. Sometimes the feeling of knowing that someone loves you is far better than actually loving somebody. I didn't have any affair till today, not that I didn't like or love anyone, there was a guy in my college, whom I liked a lot but somehow he stayed away from me, not that he didn't like me but probably because I am not that beautiful and he wanted someone much more better than me.
This guy, Niru, that's what his friends call him, I had heard it once in the bus; he seems to be interested in me, not sure about love as such but friendship might not be bad. At least the guy seems to be descent one. I would like to be his friend, but how can I go forward? Afterall he is the boy, he should come one step ahead …not me.

P.S: This is a forward which i received from my colleague and which Iam putting up for other's enjoyment. So he(Ashu) as my first point of contact , gets the credit. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely unhoped for... :)

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