Monday, February 4, 2008

A Day with an Entrepreneur !! - First Edition of "PERFECT" show

Watch, listen, and learn. You can't know it all yourself..
Anyone who thinks they do is destined for mediocrity.
- Donald Trump

This is the main idea behind the PERFECT show. To learn from others and grow ourself. I invite you to the first episode of the PERFECT show. We have as our guest, Mr.Ravinder Gujral, Director of Business Development in Dexcel Electronics Designs*.

A little background about Ravi. Ravi did his engineering from NIT, Surathkal & completed International Business from IIM, Calcutta. He has worked in Murugappa Group Company & Unified Technologies , before starting on his own by launching MindShell Software along with his collegues. After the merger of MindShell Software with Dexcel Electronics Designs, he now heads the Business Development Group in Dexcel Electronics Designs*.


Guest - RG: Ravinder Gujral
Host - ME: Prashant Sree

ME: Hi Ravi, Thanks for being a guest in the first edition of the PERFECT show.
R.G: It's my pleasure.

ME: Here we start with a bouncer ? ;) What are u passionate about in Life & why ?
RG: Prashant one thing i would like to tell you that some of the answers might be Philosophical :-(. But anyway let me try to tell you what i know or what i think.

ME: Sure.,. If I am bowling a bouncer, i do expect it to be hit for a sixer :) so go on.,. So what is ur philosophy of life ?
RG: Let me answer your can drive yourself in the end :-)

ME: Lol :) I am all ears
RG: I am passionate about working hard to realize my dream come true.... I am passionate about exploring life to learn more from it.. I am passionate about doing what i think i can do....

ME: Thats an Amazing attitude, Ravi.,.
RG: Thanks

ME: Seems i have to go thro the lines more than once to understand the underlying meaning. Ok, my second volley. What have you learnt in ur life till now, which you would like to share with others ?

RG:I have learnt many things and understanding about the things will be different from the different prospective for different person...My real learning started when i left my home after 12th standard to study my Engineering. It was totally different experience... being from a small village from Haryana and coming down to Karnataka (Mangalore)..

When someone ask me this question it always takes me back to my college days...where prof. lectures were a bouncer for me... English was an alien language for me that time... I learnt to accommodate in different environment.....

ME: Oh. that would have been testing times ?
RG: Yes it was. I learnt to understand myself.. That time made me to think..what am i doing? what is my strength, what is my weakness etc etc..

ME: And were u able to discover the real purpose ?
RG: College life taught me to realise my potential. Yes. Upto a certain extent...I learnt that every one is single and unique in his/her life..... Life has to move on whatever odd may come on the way...

ME: Thats a nice thought.,. Ok, my 3rd Q. What one thing would you like to change in world, if you can do anything you want.,.
RG: If God gives me a wish to change one thing is the world then i will ask to remove hunger from the face of world....

ME: A noble thought.,. Any particular reasons for that ?
RG: A man/woman can face any hardship in life but they can not bear the hunger

ME: Yes, i get the point. Do u watch Cartoons or mythological fables ?
RG: Yes, i do.

ME: Then my 4 Q will be easy for you to answer, Which mythological hero do u like most and why ?
RG: I like Krishna

ME: Thought so.,. :) And your reason plz ?
RG: b'cos he stands for truth ness and he is the master of strategy. He has shown all form which makes him perfect.. Starting from childhood...friendship with Sudhama.
Love with Gopikas, and play with street children. His life is full of action... he played a crucial role in Mahabharata. He is the planner...

ME: Gr8 ravi. Now comin to the next Q, what would you like to evangelize for ?
RG: I like to stand for Integrity.

ME: Nice to hear that.,. Iam sure you are following that.,.Now, what do u consider as your charm ? Your charisma ?
RG: Hmmm... My charm is my smile, enthusiasm and attitude towards life....

ME: Nice ones.,. Now coming to your mantra for life ? What is ur mantra for life ?
RG: hummm that's the interesting one :-) here i go...... You will get what you deserve so work hard to make yourself worthy :-)

ME: Simple yet profound truth :). Ok ravi, now u being an entrepreneur, will u share some of your experiences for budding entrepreneurs ?
RG: you can be specific in your question..

ME: Ok what obstacles you faced after startin on ur own and how u overcame them. A small example, will explain matters well

RG: Obstacles are there even since we have started in different shape and we have accepted the fact that it will be there nothing much to worry but to face them... We had Obstacles in term of finance...getting a customer, retaining the employee, adding a new employee, growing the business....every where

ME: Yes., and ur strategy to face them ?
RG: it's again depends on the situation and priority at that point of time...No predefined strategy work

you can define a broad level strategy...but drawing board plan and actual plans are different quite often :-)

ME: haha :). Quite a businessman reply ;)
RG: :-)

ME: Thanks a lot Ravi for sharing your insights about life and urself. I am sure readers will find it useful. I thank you on behalf of my readers. I Wish you the Best in your life :)
RG: It has been my pleasure. Thank You,.,

Thats the end of the first episode of the PERFECT show. I hope that it has been useful to you in some way or the other. Please do share your thoughts and views so that it can be a learning to others also.

Keep waiting for the next episode soon.

Thank You.

  • Readers, I must also add that Ravi tied the nuptial knot recently. I take this opportunity to wish him a happy and a successful life :)
To know the driving idea behind the "PERFECT SHOW" check out here

* - Dexcel is an electronics designs house having hardware and software technical capability in FPGA Digital Designs, DSP and Embedded Software. Dexcel started its operation in 2000 and ventured funded company by multibillion dollars group Comcraft, Achieva components (Singapore) and Tecnomics Processors (Singapore).

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