Sunday, May 31, 2015

Success is always around us

‘Success’ is a mystical thing. All of us want to be successful. Yet most of us want a free ride to success. Even though the intent is there within us to succeed, most of all aren’t willing to do what’s needed to become successful.

My weekend started off with a working Saturday by the end, I was quite tired & exhausted. In such cases, Sunday becomes a treasured day. But as I woke up in the morning, I was feeling quite lazy and completely purposeless. Though, I had few things which needed my attention, I wasn’t at all inspired to do anything on that. My mind was occupied with something which was wondering about something which left me powerless. All I did was switch on the TV, had food, lie on bed & pass time. The day passed like seconds. 

In the evening, when I was conversing with a friend, I realized that how much we take life for granted. There are so many things which inspire us, motivate us to do something, yet we end up choosing to pass time, wondering about things we don’t have & get stuck on issues, be it with people, our worries, problems etc. In the process, we exhaust the most precious resource which is NOW, instead of being at our best and when we are at our best, success becomes an outcome.

That’s when I thought I was stuck in the same trap. Few things which I had been planning to do, like writing a blog, reading a book, planning few things all were put on hold, just because I was waiting for something to happen and since that didn’t materialize, other things got inadvertently impacted. But the moment I realized that, I chose to work on. I did some exercise which usually makes me feel good in the end, switched on my fav music which usually inspires me & then got down to work on the things which mattered and which I wanted to accomplish. Here, Iam penning an article for my blog which I had been planning on for more than 3 weeks.

It is said that amidst the busyness of life, the simple things get side tracked. Most often the simple things are the most important as well. In the daily rush of our life, we make the simple things complicated. What’s needed to simplify our life is just to take a step back and look at what we have. Usually, the stuff which are required for us to be happy & be successful is just around  us. Be it caring parents, friends, resources to utilize, all is just with us. We just need to recognize and then choose to act on that.

I didn’t intend to pen a gyaan type post, yet for me it was a big realization on how daily moments just slip pass by while we keep waiting for things to happen, hoping for things to happen & wonder if things will happen. I took a step in doing something productive & break myself out from the quicksand of ‘waiting & wondering’ which goes on & on.

What we have with us for sure is NOW, and if we can choose to look at the things which we have with us & act, then in due time, things will surely happen.

Success is always around us, isn’t? 


Srinivas Achary said...

It's true. But the biggest challenge is to keep the motivation always up.

Destination Infinity said...

Success comes at a cost. If we acknowledge that, it doesn't become a big deal anymore.

Destination Infinity