Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Journey Ahead!

Dear Readers!

Wishing you & your family a Happy New Year 2012. Let the year ahead be a more enlightening, happy and learning year for you. As the new year begins, i would like to share few key aspects which i have embraced in my own life. There is a lot more to learn, more to explore, more to experience, still i hope the things which i have learnt would be useful for you too.

The below things, i have been fortunate to learn from my many mentors/teachers who i have had in my life. The 5 things which i wish for you would be:

1) Quest for infinite learning
2) Invest in yourselves
3) Consider every experience (success/failure) as a stepping stone to your life's purpose
4) Enjoy the journey rather than await the destination
5) Share what you have with others

1) Quest for infinite learning: There is a quote "Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean". No matter what the circumstances, always keep learning and more importantly, be open to learning. Of course, Learning comes not only from books, but from meeting people, situations. The list is endless.

2) Invest in yourselves: Apart from your routine work, study, ensure you keep investing in yourself. May it be a hobby, interest or anything which you have liked doing, just go ahead and start doing it. It's never late to invest in yourself. Now is the best time to START.

3) Consider every experience (success/failure) as a stepping stone to your life's purpose: Most of life problems are anticipated ones, rather than the real ones. The cause of anxiety is having expectation on the outcome and the tendency to differentiate situations as bad and good. Instead, look upon every situation as a learning experience to help you move forward in life and accomplish your mission in life.

4) Enjoy the journey rather than await the destination: This encompasses the above aspects in the sense, enjoy every moment of your life journey. It's the journey which helps us evolve the most, and which truly empower us. hence, the journey is the true bliss.

5) Share what you have with others: We are very fortunate to have so many things in our life but we realize it very less often. The law of universe is that the more you give, the more you get rewarded. May you give to others, what the needy requires, and accordingly your needs would be taken care of.

Some of the above things, even Iam trying to follow earnestly. Hopefully, I would be able to accomplish it. Iam a man of less words, as a result many a times, many of my friends think Iam inexpressive or secretive. I on the other hand believe that it's best to let our actions do the talking rather than spend time in proclaiming what about it. Experience has taught  me that the former works much better than the latter. I hope that in this year you achieve your dreams, ambitions and get a little more enlightened (Of course, do leave few things out for the subsequent years ;) )

Wish you a Enlightened, Happy New Year 2012.

Best wishes,



Destination Infinity said...

I think investing in skills is something people do rarely after they settle down in a job. I hope people do take it seriously and invest in themselves for this new year 2012 and all the years to come.

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2012, PS.

Destination Infinity

Prashant Sree said...

@DI: Thanks Rajesh. Wish you too a Successful year ahead.

I agree with you. and probably wont blame the people, coz i can understand how hard it is to take time out from our daily routine. But, the returns are much more when we invest in ourself, hence do hope for many people to realize it soon.

We need to catch up sometime, i know its been delayed long. Still, i think the vastu hasnt been favorable till now ;) Hope to catch up soon!


gitanjali said...

Nicely put :) I liked your crisp-to the point styly! Wish you a happy 2012!

Prashant Sree said...

@gitanjali: Thank you and wish you a great year ahead too!

Mystic ray said...

Its important if we are clear with ourselves. let plp think what they have to for we cannot impress every single being on this earth . If plp understand thats fine and if they dont thats also fine .
Jst doing wht is best possible with u is the real u .
meaningful less words are more powerful than active blabber and chatter of the brain with more words .
less words shoudnt take us to insensitiveness

every day is a new experience in mans life so does every year .