Monday, December 6, 2010

Adventures of Rim, Jim, Sim – Quest to identify the inhibition to talk to a Girl!: Part I

Napoleon had said that ‘Nothing is impossible’. Well, it seems to be quite true as long as one is saying it to the other person. Even I believed it until we came across one unsolvable problem. Well, the problem got solved in the long run, but that’s not the important thing. When we first encountered it, it seemed as if there was no solution to it. Jim was ready to face Napoleon (if necessary) to ask him to substantiate his statement about the ‘Impossible’ thing. I guess you would be wondering what Iam talking about. Let me fill you with the details of the incident and you will see for yourself the intricacies we found ourselves in.

It’s not quite often one would find Jim in a ‘colory’ outfit. The word colory is a creation of Sim’s ingenuity. You know the kind of dress which goes off tangent in every aspect. Yellow shirt + Red pant + Jazzy over coat + a thick buckled belt… I shiver just at the thought of this… Yet, it was Sim’s who introduced these outfits in our mundane lives, which until now had been restricted to the usage of the Bolly & Kollywood’s heroes. Someone said it somewhat right - “Behind every man success, there is a woman”. I say somewhat because, it should have been ideally ‘Behind every guy’s insanity, there is always a girl’. What happened is as follows. Sim had met a girl in a friend’s party. As always to impress her, Sim got the hint that she is a hardcore fan of these Bolly/Kolly heroes. But he couldn’t get to impress her much then. She was wooed by a guy who was in a jazzy outfit. I can’t imagine how he decided that jazzy outfits of the guy was the only reason to impress her,(his view was that he was better than the guy in every aspect, Intelligence, Attractiveness etc etc. Since we weren’t present there, we decided not to comment) but that’s what he did. What then followed was a pitiful story of how he launched a ‘Find the BK dress’ (read Bolly/Kollywood’s dress) campaign. What was more pitiful was the fact that being his roommates, we were compelled to be the campaign managers. Sim put it more wonderfully to us. I & Jim had returned early from office and were watching TV peacefully.

Suddenly, Sim rushes in and says,

Sim: Hey guys, I have wonderful news for you…

Jim: Are you moving to some other place?

Sim: Ha, not yet. The wonderful news is that iam launching a campaign called ‘Find the BK dress’ campaign. Then he briefed us on the details of it.

We were then forced to visit each Mall in the city and look for a flashy, jazzy outfit for him. I and Jim had taken a vow that this is the last time we will ever be doing anything with anything that is jazzy. As well for what happened to Sim with his Jazzy dress & the girl he was trying to impress, though iam eager to tell the story, Sim forbade me from noting any of this in the Chronicles of Rim, Jim & Sim (No surprises that the mere mention of the jazzy dress embarrasses him)

Having said that it was to our greatest surprise that we saw Jim in that outfit. What’s more interesting was Sim’s reaction to this. Iam not sure what shocked him the most ; Jim’s foray into Sim’s closely guarded territory of using jazzy outfits or the nostalgia of the experience with the girl or the less probable chance that Jim might be doing this for, how do I put it, well for a, a, a girl… Iam sure you folks are wondering what’s so great about Jim getting interested in a girl. For us, it is. It’s as if North Korea initiating a peace treaty with South Korea or China agreeing to a floating exchange currency system on its own. You get the point right? These things could never be conceived, same with Jim. It’s not that Jim wasn’t attracted to girls, (I hope you don’t think he was attracted to someone else), it’s just that he never wasn’t interested in impressing girls. He was concerned about his own work, his health, his friends that’ it. Neither Sim’s repetitious girl chase marathon or my fantastical notion of a dream girl had any effect on him. So it’s with great horror and shock, that both I and Sim looked at Jim & his jazzy outfit.

Not able to control himself anymore, Sim blurted out: ‘Why Jim, why…’

Jim said coolly ‘There is someone who I will be meeting this weekend. So I thought this dress would be interesting enough’.

I said ‘Tell us more about it’

He briefed us that his company has hosted some party this weekend. Blah blah blha.
‘Not about that. About someone who you had planned to meet’ I said.

Again, it was surprising to see Jim blush. He said ‘She has recently joined my team. Man, you should look at her.. She is so so awesome…’

Well, if Jim says the girl is awesome, she has to be.

‘So how did you get to know her? Tell us about her’, we said.

‘I haven’t spoken with her yet’, Jim said.

‘You what’, Sim shouted… ‘You haven’t what…’ Sim shouted again…

It seemed that she (Deepa) had joined the team just 1 week before. And Jim had got smitten with her at the first glance itself…

‘You sure, she isn’t a witch. She must be quite adept to have woken her magic over you so fast! To impenetrate the impenetrable will fortress of Jim… Who would have thought that we will be alive to see this day, Sim exclaimed.

Jim just growled at him.

‘If you are going to speak to her for the first time, dont you think you should wear something nice’, I said to Jim indirectly alluding to the jazzy outfit of his.
‘Well, I thought that this would be apt for the situation. Haven’t you said once that simple girls like guys who are flashy’..

Jim, Rim’s reference was in a different context, Sim said. He meant simple girls like guys who are quite bold and proactive in their approach. Right Rim?

I was kinda surprised that Sim could be wise too. So we spent the next 30 minutes trying to make Jim choose some other outfit, something better suited for the occasion. Finally, we convinced him to wear a formal black suit. Jim invited us to the party, as every employee could bring two of the family members. Since, I and Sim hadn’t planned anything for the weekend, we readily agreed.

On the day of the party, we got ready 3 hours before the party thanks to Jim’s insistence of not arriving late at the party. We reached the place a bit early. Jim made us sit in a place and went ahead to meet his company colleagues.

After sometime Jim came to us….

‘Shhh, shhh’, he said.

We weren’t talking loudly, hence the ‘shhh shhh’ didn’t make any sense.

Jim said, ‘She has come’. We understood that Jim’s shhh, shhh was a attention signal code.

‘Where is she’, Sim said.

‘Wait. She was here. Then after looking here and there, he pointed at a girl who was talking with another girl’

‘So how is she’, Jim said.

Well, what could we say. She was nice and good. But not the kind of girl who would make you fall over your feet. Jim certainly had a unique taste. ‘She is kinda cute and good’

‘Yea, I know’. Jim exclaimed.

‘So you spoke with her yet’, I asked him.

‘No, not yet. Not sure what to talk to her about’. Jim said. ‘I have to go. Saying that, Jim went off in one direction’

We saw Jim approach the girl. We expected him to talk to her. All he did was walk towards her, give her a smile, stand there like a dumb for 5 seconds and then walk away. We were surprised after seeing what happened.

Jim came to us after sometime.

‘Dude, what did you just do. I asked Jim’

‘I tried talking to her. But I couldn’t speak’, Jim said… My throat just went numb. It kinda wrung itself. I couldn’t get any word from my mouth.’

Well, this isn’t like Jim. He was acting strangely… Like I said, behind every guy’s insanity, there has to be a girl.

‘What the heck. Talk about anything, man. Her dress, the company, the cool drink, even the food to be served’, And if you are not gonna speak to her soon, Iam going to approach her’ Sim said…

We forbade Sim to do anything and to avoid hitting on a girl whom Jim was interested. We saw Jim walk by the girl few times, but again the same result. The girl did seemed to be interested in talking with him, but for reasons unknown he repeated the same sequence again and again. Go past her, turn around, look at her, smile for some-time, and then continue walking. Sim was so pissed off, that he was ready to flung the glass at Jim…

The party got over and everybody started leaving. Jim was clueless about the happening. While on our way back to home, we kept on berating him for behaving like an ass. Still being our friend, we decided to figure out the problem and help him out. So began our quest to identify the root cause of the problem of being mute when approaching a girl.

To be contd...


Uday Sankar Yerramilli said...

hmmm... So, Rim, Jim, Sim...

confusing though like a triple role BK movie of the yesteryears...

However, good piece of show..

srinath said...

Awesome buddy :):) It was really a good piece of work :):)