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Perfect Show with an IIML Professor – Exploring the Power Within

The Perfect Show

After an extended period of hibernation, Iam happy to resume the ‘Perfect Show’. It’s my pleasure to have Mr.Sukumar Nandi, Professor of Economics at IIML, as a guest in this edition of Perfect Show. Mr.Sukumar Nandi, Ph. D. in Economics from Utah State University, Logan, Utah, USA (1985) did MA (Economics) and M.Phil. from University of Calcutta. He has about 30 years experience as expert trainer & has being associated as trainer with Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Power Grid Corporation of India, NTPC, Vijaya Bank and Indian Economic Service (UPSC). He has published six books/research monographs along with 50 research papers. Iam thankful to him for agreeing to be in the Show.
Over to the Show.

Host - Prashant Sree - PS
Guest - Mr. Sukumar Nandi - SN

PS: Sir, it’s a pleasure to have you in the Perfect Show.
SN: Thank You Prashant. Upfront let me state that the views that I express are my own and are not those of the institution that I am working for; nor is the institution responsible for these views.

PS: Very well Sir. Moving on to the ‘Perfect’ questions, what are you passionate about in Life?
SN: I always search the power inside me so that I can do something to address the burning problems of the society.
PS: That’s a noble thought Sir. You mentioned about finding the true self within oneself. How can one discover the power inside?

SN: It takes lot of concentration of mind in isolation being true to oneself. Many people cannot do that for obvious reasons and it is really a difficult process. One can achieve it by perseverance and self discipline.

PS: Well said, sir. Now, what have you learnt in your life which you would like to share with others?
SN: One should remain honest and true to oneself and shouldn’t fear to call spade a spade.

PS: If you are given a wish to change one thing in world, what would you change and why?
SN: I would like to remove abject poverty of human beings given the power to do so, as no society can boast of civility when a section of people cannot afford the minimum needs of human life.

PS: Who is your Favorite Fable/Mythological Hero and why?
SN: Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata . He is very much intelligent, smart, highly diplomatic, big hearted in one person with perfect foresight about human life.

PS: What would you like to evangelize in your life?
SN: Being a conformist I would like to tell the people that they should properly know themselves and remain honest.

PS: What do you consider your charm, which you feel attracts people to you.
SN: Simplicity in the approach to life and giving every human being his/her due honour.

PS: Sir, what is your Thumb Rule for success in Life?
SN: In the understanding that life is an eternal journey, try to know the SELF within me and discover strength to face reality.

PS: Who have been your role models in your life and the reasons?
SN: Swami Vivekananda because of his uprightness in character and honesty.

PS: Since you have had an illustrious career in academics, what do you think is lacking in the current way of imparting education. What in your opinion, is the right way to impart education?
SN: The education system in India does not encourage students the merits of free thinking and creative skill. An ideal teacher will show the direction of the frontier of the subject that he/she is teaching and then encourage the student to think freely and with some imagination. This is the way the student will learn how to have independent thinking.

PS: Sir, can you share your thoughts on managing time in a better way.
SN: One should always think of work/duties in advance [for a couple of days] and arrange them in sequence according to priority and then address them.

PS: Which all books have had an influence on you and what is the book about.
SN: a) Srimad Bhagavad Gita - It is the essence of Upanishad.
b) Gitanjali, a book of poems by Rabindranath Tagore - A fantastic poetic renderings of spiritualism in life.
c) Freedom and Necessity, by Joan Robinson. Extends the knowledge of Economics to address greater problems in society

PS: ‘Business’ today is meant more to be a capitalist playfield. What kind of work can today managers do so to benefit all sections of the society?
SN: Success in business is a different paradigm and that does not necessarily at the cost of society.

PS: Corruption is very prevalent in today’s society. Though people want to fight it, they end up getting trapped in its claws. So how can one handle this situation?
SN: An individual can remain honest in life if he/she wants that way, but a single person cannot fight corruption in society.

PS: Well sir. We certainly had gained a lot from your answers about finding oneself. Sir, we have reached the end of the Show. It has been a great pleasure to have you in the Show and learn from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. On behalf of the readers and with me, Warm regards to you, Sir. Thank You.

SN: You are welcome. All the Best.

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