Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Revival

I was tempted to include 'Phoenix' in topic name of this article. something like "The revival of Phoenix" or "Back from the inertness". And it would have been apt too. For a simple reason,that i have been estranged from the blogging world for more than 1 and half months.Not a single day goes by wherein i tell myself that i will blog today. and as if the world had plotted against me, i would invariably be held up by some work and eventually i end up not doing what i intended to do. Anyhow, there is something which i had learnt after coming to IIML and that is the fact that I need to improve my time management capabilities. Well, one always keeps learning something and iam learning the nuances of it.

The last 2 months here @ IIML have been quite memorable. There have been enjoyable moments, stressful moments,sleepless moments,hellish moments as well. The routine,the schedule and your life becomes such that one becomes quite impervious to the happenings of the outside world. The only connect with the outside world is through the globally connecting World Wide Web ! Everyday brings with it one learning or the other and the faster you learn them, the quicker you can grow. I have loads to share with you all, the culture ,the extra curriculars,the acads, the funny things etc. Hopefully my new resolution about blogging a little more frequently would hold stead. Lets see what all things i would be sharing with you. 1st 30 days after coming to IIML, Start of 1st term, Frenzy within the campus, Haunting 1st Mid terms etc.

Just penned this post to break the jinx of the in activeness which has been holding me back for such a long time. Not much content in it for now. Anyhow, for my dear friends who have been checking if iam still penning post, i thank you for your interest in following my blog. I would strive to compensate for the lost moments :)

Would like to sign off with a nice quote i had come across few days back.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized"

Here's wishing good health and mind to all.

Peace :)


A S said...


college life is alwayz exciting yaar, even if it gives much load and sleepless nights :)

Insignia said...

Phew!!! Been waiting for your posts. Finally.. Hope you are having good time at IIML, yeah apart from hectic academic schedule

Anonymous said...

its a coincidence but did you edit it or wht coz phoenix is also what i suggested! :OO

Prashant Sree said...

@A.S: Yes A.S :) Thanks for the comment and still following an obsolete page ;)

Prashant Sree said...

@Insignia: 'Bow' to you :) Hope you have been doing good too. Yes, here its like partying at Hell ;P

Prashant Sree said...

@Ayushi: yea, i understand. Wise men tend to think alike ;)