Friday, June 19, 2009

Beginners Mind Vs Experts Mind:

Nature has its own way of making us learn things. Iam not sure how many of you believe in coincidences but every incident which seems coincidental has a purpose behind it. How many times have people come and said something to you which has sparked an idea or which clears the doubt which you would have had in mind. That was the very reason why i had started up with the Perfect Show. Now the motivation behind this post is due to the conversation which i had with our next guest in the Perfect Show. The content which he shared with me is too incredible and inspirational.I will be posting the interview with him soon but i wanted to share one thing which he had said. Here it is.

There is a fundamental difference between the humans and the animals. Humans tend to keep evolving but assimilating knowledge and in the process keep developing.One of the important characteristics is to keep learning which helps a man know more about himself and as well live his life to the maximum potential. To a question about how to ensure that we keep learning and not become complacent, his reply was having a Beginners mind and try not to have the experts mind. Here is what he said:

"In Beginner’s Mind there exist many possibilities and avenues for growth. The ‘expert’s mind’ tends to be more rigid and narrow. We strive to stay in Beginners Mind.

If I continue to associate and practice with my teacher and others in my field more advanced than me, this increases my humility and gives me greater chance of staying in Beginner’s Mind.

If I continue to work with newcomers and see their frustrations in trying to learn than this helps me remember and feel gratitude for the gifts that I have and helps me stay in Beginner’s Mind.

If I continue to realize that any opinion I hold or anything I attempt to teach is just one particular perspective among many that could be valid than I become a little less self-righteous and it helps me stay in Beginner’s Mind.

When I realize that Life will continue to go on really quite well without me, and I’m really not as important as I’d like to think I am, that helps me stay in Beginner’s Mind."

I would let you contemplate the meaning behind this and its relative potential in elevating the standard of life.

Keep Moving !


A S said...


nice post..enjoyed every bit :)

its true knowledge is power and gaining knowledge is a never ending cont. process :)


well this is a suspense, this has left me anticipating the next guest, true, humans evolve every second and are undergoing transformation every day