Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Popularity Vs Personality

I was reading a book by Alfred John in which the author was talking about the differences between Popularity and Personality.It does sound pleasing to ears, isnt ?? I had a few thoughts twirling in my mind on these.So i thought to put it up in a place where plenty of erudite minds will give their opinion and share their own thoughts.

Popularity and Personality
- an average person yearns for at-least one of these in his life,with more emphasis being on the "Popularity" part ! Its a known fact that Man is a social animal and one of his inherent urge is "to get recognition" from his peers and since Popularity ensures more recognition, people want to have popularity. Popularity comes as a consequence of a person's talents/abilities and his ability to show them to others. One might be a singer possessing a melodious voice or a entertainer with amazing acting skills or a superb sportsmen. hence depending on the success of the person,they become popular figures. For those who think they don't have the talent to be popular, they try to find someone who has it and live their lives basking in other's popularity.

A strong validation for this is the popularity which the film stars and the sportsmen have in their life.One thing to be noted here is that the Popularity of a person is directly proportional to his success. Popularity can have different levels. One may be popular in his group, or in his class, or in his school, town,state-wise or in his nation. People throng behind such figures because of the apparent image which they project outside. In real, they might be of any type, their real type known only to the close people whom they are in contact. But often, people are carried away from the apparent outside image which is projected... My inherent idea of writing this post is to emphasize the real significance of "Personality".

I would say that Personality has been grossly under-rated when compared with Popularity. From an early child hood, parents raise their kids saying that you must become a famous doctor,famous this, rich this, etc. Its like we are programmed to worship these and will do anything to get it. Its only a few percentage of parents who raise their children embedding them the benefits of a good personality.And believe me, I strongly believe that those children will grow up to become a Well groomed and a Dynamic person. So what is all this Personality about. Personality is a set of characters which define you as a person.

What do you believe in, what will you stand for, what defines you and to what extent you are in harmony with yourself... A person with a strong personality will be at ease always and will retain his composure always, no matter what the circumstances might be. He may not have the popularity , but people will flock to him in times of distress or when they need some solution, because they find him a person who has a solution to anything. One of the important characteristics of a person with a Strong Personality is the fact that one knows themselves. As they say in Matrix, 'Know thyself', a person who knows about himself inside out will be more empowered to take decisions in a wise and logical manner. While Popularity may give one fame,money , Personality will give you the inner peace.

I know there is a lot more to this and that the process of self-learning/realization goes on till eternity, yet i strongly believe that if we start emphasizing more on achieving a good Personality rather than a good Popularity, there will be no limits to unlocking our potential and living a life way beyond our dreams.

GodSpeed everyone !! :)


Destination Infinity said...

I too think that personality is more important than popularity. Anyone can become popular - you can also buy page 3 kinda popularity. But personality has to evolve from inside.

Destination Infinity

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

well lez strive 4 a balanced take off...popularity n personality combined...niether @ de expense of either !!!

Prashant Sree said...

@D.I: Well said , friend :)

Prashant Sree said...

@Kochu: Aha,there we go. A balanced approach !! ;)

Netika Lumb said...

Personality.. Any day..
But you know, I think with a dynamic personality; popularity isn't far behind. You need to know whom do you want to be popular in- a group of already popular ones, who may not have higher levels to avhieve now or; a population who helps you beat your own levels.Either ways, the former shall certainly follow the latter.