Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You dont have to be only a cat,to drink Milk

After contemplating for hours what could be the title of the blog post, i settled on the one above "You dont have to be only a cat,to drink Milk". To know why i choosed to write on this topic, let me narrate an episode which i saw in the TV and which left me very surprised about people's attitude in the society.

The episode was "Neeya Naana"(Is it You or Me) in Vijay TV(a regional channel in Tamil Nadu),and the topic of discussion on that day was between Professors and Students in college. If it was the inability of the Professors due to which Students dont concentrate in the class,which translates to poor performance or is it the inherent mindset of the student to be indisciplined in the class which results in his poorer performance. The debate went on for some time with both sides blaming each other and subsequently the moderator(Show Host) bringing out the main,relevant points. Then there were 2 judges whose expert opinion was asked. Initially the Professors were asked what kind of books do they read. And the majority had said that they read self-help books. Based on this one judge commented that since many Professors read self-help books,its obvious that they are in dearth of self-motivation, and are low on self-confidence and that it represents a lack of inner ability. This could be only as true as the fact that the Earth is flat...

To see that a person who is qualified to be in a Judge position has views like that was really heartening... Its equivalent to saying that only Mentally ill people should consult psychiatrist and only obese people go to Gym. If only people low on self-confidence read self-help books, then it would mean all the Great Leaders Mahatma Gandhi,Nelson Mandela, famous personalities like Anthony Robbins,Shiv Khera,Brain Tracy,Dale Carnegie were low on self confidence. They read such books not only to leverage their strengths but also to know more on what the great thinkers had to say about developing a Human personality.

My point to write this post was not to compare people who have read self help books and to prove the point otherwise. My concern is the fact that as long as people continue to hold such views, the broadening of the human's attitude in society will not take place. I read in somebody's blog that the AIDS is more prevalent in India due to homosexuality. But since it is illegal in India,people are afraid to disclose their sexuality(Not that I vouch for homosexuality to be encouraged, but it's just a matter of an individual's right and choice) and hence fighting AIDS becomes more difficult.

Also, same goes with the attitude with the Psychiatrist where we(Indians) believe that one should visit a Psychiatrist only when one is affected with mental illness. Not necessarily. A Well,Qualified Psychiatrist can also help someone to gauge his emotional well being and take measures to accordingly bring balance in one's life... I would just like to say that we all know that our attitudes determine what we do and what we believe in.

In this so called Modern,Fast growing world , dressing modernly or talking modernly wont make a difference unless we began to think modernly.(Holistic Broadened). Because some people have such limiting attitudes, it makes
others to limit themself from openly discussing their problems,due to which they lead their life along with their problems. Imagine if people began to think that only people low on self-motivation need to read self-help books, i can imagine a
time when no one will read self-help books just to showcase himself as a person with self motivation(though inside it will be a different story itself). Hence,You dont have to be only a CAT so to drink Milk. There might be others too !!

P.S: This is a significant post for this blog, hence i would like to thank all the near,dear ones who i have met in the Blogosphere, my faithful readers and commentators and also those who encouraged me to start blogging.My sincere heart-felt thanks to you all.


Priya Joyce said...

tats a very motivating post by u dear..just loved the way u put it

specially the last part

Saranya said...

Trust me or not, I was writing on the same lines yesterday, relating the exact show, but I didn't continue posting it. Something stopped me.
But this post is really a good one and I agree with what u have mentioned.
Absolutely right about the Psychiatrist, as in most cases, they play the role of only a listener rather than a problem solving model. Listening hence solves the problem of the patients.

mou said...

a very intelligent and thoughtful post...and surely the title is very apt...i agree with you...the society has to grow out of this rigid shell of definitions...

Rajesh said...

Very motivating....I have found urs thoughtful and i feel, it requires great thinking n intelligence 2 cum up wit smthing like this..

Lovely thot preocess u have...and yeah we have to be broad-minded n its time we make a move to compete better..

This post STANDS OUT among the rest!!!!

Too good...

Rajesh said...

I have rated this, 5 stars btw... good job dude :)

Prashant Sree said...

@PJ : Thanks for the kind words :)

Prashant Sree said...

@Saranya: Believe me,i didnt send out any signals inhibiting the thought process of people who were thinking on the same lines ;). What you say is right, To Listen is more than just to Listen..

Thanks for the wonderful comments.

Prashant Sree said...

@Mou: Very true. Lets see how soon it happens.,. Thanks for the Kind words. :)

Prashant Sree said...

@Rajesh: Think i have been heaped with more appreciations than i can bear ;) Thanks for the rating.. I appreciate it.

You have guaranteed yourself one from me too. ;)

Cess said...

hi P.,
I hope u had a great Xmas sweetie, and I wish an excellent end of the year!
Looking forward to talk to u soon.

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Cess,

Glad to hear from you... How have u been ? Merry Seasons to you too.. :)