Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Bday INDIA - Jai Hind !!

A friend of mine had send me a forward, a video celebrating the 61 years of independence. Its a bit sentimental, the way the kid says that when he grows up, he will take care of 'India'(The kid says this to the Indian flag)

Iam sure that many who will see the video, will have a patriotic feeling imbibed in them and in extreme case, a tear in their eyes. Yet sadly, thats the only way we express our patriotism. A few forwards to friends wishing them Happy Independence Day, some documentaries being played (which are viewed by a least minority).,.

I feel that on the Independence day, rather than reminiscing the sacrifices being made by our fore-fathers & realizing its true worth , people look forward to new movie releases & new films being shown in TV programmes.,. In Contrast ,Independence day during the Childhood was always special and awaited with special interest. One gets up early and goes to the school and take part in the Independence Day celebrations. The sweet distribution at the end of National Anthem, was the most eagerly awaited part of the whole proceedings.,.

But as time goes by, the celebrations happen the same way, but they happen more for the sake of happening rather than happen because of the special prominence it has in the history of the world. India, with all its varied cultures, religion is the world's largest democracy, and the struggle for Indian Independence will always have a special place in the annals of the history. It was not only because Britishers ruled us,and we fought off to get our freedom, it was because more of the fact that we realized that we are capable of deciding our own destiny and hencef-ore the struggle which ensued in Indians resorting to both peaceful and violent means to gain freedom and it therefore saw the victory of non-violence over violence, victory of ideals over anarchy, victory of will over weapons. Thats the reason, Indian Independence has a special mark of its own.

Now to the point of why Am i writing this article.,. I have heard this again and agian, and still it continues to be true.After 60 years of gaining Independence, are we really Independent. Have we understood the real meaning of Freedom, for which many of the freedom fighters had to sacrifice their lives so that the future generation could live in peace. Yet, the way we live, Iam sure we would have put our fore-fathers belief to shame.,. There are so many divisive things that pervade this country that we wonder, is it really worth living for this country. While writing the blog, i thought of all the bad things that exist in our country.The list was not only endless, it made me ask myself, if there was any solution to this.,. Iam not going to rant about the things which are wrong.,. What i want to know is how we can make things right.

We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.
Edward R. Murrow

To all the readers who will be reading this article, i would be really glad if you can share atleast one thought,one realistic practical thing which we can follow, which will go on to make some change in the society. Iam not a hard core patriotic , Iam just a citizen of the country asking a question, do we have it in us to return the glory back to our country.

And yes, i also want to dedicate this post to all the Freedom fighters who laid down their life's for our country emancipation and also to all the mentors (Leaders,teachers, managers, responsible citizens,parents) who are out there in the society, trying to inculcate the spirit of India in the younger generation and are a beacon light,(in whatever small way) in the society.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhiji words,

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

You people have been making a big difference, by showing us to be proud of our country,giving us hope that the hard work and perseverance will be aptly rewarded. Please continue to be a guiding light to us.

Jai Hind !!

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