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The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.
Anais Nin

Welcome to the PERFECT SHOW after a brief hiatus(Well, not that brief also ;) . Well folks, its been sometime we had someone in the PERFECT SHOW, so i was raring to find a guest who like others will enhance our learning and share something useful to us. So when i came to know Rajshekar, i invited him to be a guest in the PERFECT SHOW. He is someone who lives by the 'learn & unlearn' principle. Still a young person working as a Software Professional, Rajshekhar, has worked on Enterprise level web applications and game development. He holds Masters Degree in Computer Application and Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing (PGDC) from C-DAC.

  • He has been Sub-editor for Central Computer Mail- a monthly IT related magazine published from Bhopal during 2000-2003.
  • He was a regular contributor of this magazine related to current and upcoming technologies. His endeavors include development of Learning Management System, Supply Management Solution and Xbox based games.
  • He is also a regular contributor to Devshed Portal on topics ranging from server-side development (JEE/.Net/RoR) to mobile (Symbian based development) and game development (SDL and OpenGL) with a total readership of more than 1.4 million and holds 12th rank among 100 authors.
  • His book ‘Dynamic Web 2.0 Development using Ruby-on-Rails’ is in top 40 of Web 2.0 section of Amazon bestsellers.

Apart from being a Software geek, he is also passionate about writing sci-fi stories and about sketching comic based characters. (His creativity is simply amazing!! )

Some of his blogs are:

Technical based:

Sci-Fi based:

Fantasy Sketching:

With out further ado, over to the Show.


Host : Prashant Sree : PS
Guest : A.P.Rajshekar : RS

PS: Hi Raj. I on behalf of my readers Welcome you in the PERFECT Show.
RS: The pleasure and honor is mine.

PS: So here comes the first missile..Lets see how the sci-fi master handles it ;) . What are you passionate about in life ?
RS: Knowledge - of any kind. It can be science, spirituality, philosophy. In a way you can say its my thirst for knowledge that has helped me to reach here.

PS: I always respect people who value learning.,. Gr8 to hear that... Elaborating a little, can you provide some instances where in you had challenges in learning and how you overcame them and were successful in pursuing your goals ?
RS: Thanks... To quote one instance, it will be Maths. The pure maths to be more precise. The way theorems were proved , it was too much abstract for me.But I was always interested in time and its related theories.

When i started learning about it, the way how theories were proved started making sense to me that helped to have make abstract more concrete. In that way, my quest for learning proved useful to me. :)

PS: Tenacity wins at end.. Ok, here's my second launch.,.
RS: fire !!

PS: What have you learnt in life (other than academics) till now which you would like to share with others ?
RS: What I have learnt is what goes around comes around. If you share (in my case knowledge) nature will return it ten folds whenever you are in need

PS: Interesting.,. In case you are speaking from a personal experience,would you mind sharing that briefly with our readers ?
RS: There are many examples. But this one incidence is I think will be more appropriate.I was a student of DAC. At that time there was one batch mate who was from electronics back he was having a bit of tough time with computers.I happened to meet him once in the library and started discussing various things and he popped his doubts to me and I gave him the required way to study.

This became a daily routine and we became friends.When he got job he came to me and told me that it was because me he got it.A few months after this my dad was hospitalized due to brain that time he was there for me like my brother doing everything, helping me out with every needs even financially.At that time my belief in 'what goes round, comes round' was strengthened.

"You can have everything you want in life, just as long as you help enough other people get want they want in life"
Zig Zigler

PS: Touching indeed.,, Thanks for sharing it !! Now my next question. If you are a rebel (given a choice of doing anything you could,) what would you like to change in this society ?
RS: The way society always try to judge 'book by its cover'. Let me elaborate.For example, most of the people I see, for them they base their opinion on my handicap or if they have known me through my articles, the opinion is based on the image projected through the articles.
They don't try to understand the real me by spending time with me.This is one of the main reasons that we are having so many broken relationships. IMHO

RS: In My Humble Opinion

PS: ;) What you say is true. Humans tend to misjudge and get misled.,.
RS: Thanx.Interaction and the open mindedness is what we are lacking.

PS: so you want to change tat opinionated way of people's attitude.
RS: ya.

PS: since you like sci-fi , Iam sure you will like this.Who is ur favorite mythological hero ? and why ?
RS: That one is easy - Arjuna. The reason is in the whole Mahabharata, is the only person who has thirst for knowledge.He does not learn to show that he is the best or to get revenge
and secondly he always follows his dharma.

PS: Great observation :)
RS: for example even when he was faced with the consequence of living the life of brihannala he did not accept advances of urvashi.

PS: Yes. Nice role model.,.Moving forward,what would you like to stand for in ur life ?
RS: Sharing of knowledge and freedom of choice

PS: Do you mean freedom of choice as in allowing each person to choose what he wants ?
RS: freedom of choice in there own personal sphere and career.Society should not compel ppl in these two spheres that's what I believe

PS: Interesting.,.Now time for some personal beauty ;) what do u consider as your charm ?
RS: My positive attitude and to a point my helping nature (without sounding boastful)
I never like to worry about things. I always try to take things as they come.

PS: Gr8 attitude.,.Now what is your thumb rule for life ?
RS: actually there are two rules. First : 'Live in present". Second: 'When the going gets tough, the tough gets going'. These are the two rules that I live by.

PS: The Never say die attitude :)
RS: you hit the bulls eye :)

PS: Who have been your role models in your life and why?
RS: To tell u the truth there hasnt been any. In each person I meet I find something that I can inculcate in myself and I try to do that. So as such there are no role models.

PS: Ok.Can u name some books which have influenced your thinking ?
RS: "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill.and then "Stop worrying and start living" by Dale
Carnegie. And in fictions I have been greatly influenced by Dark Tower series and Disc world series.

PS: Raj, you also have a passion for sci-fi stories. How did you get the interest in sci-fi ?
RS:It was a story.Named visitors from outer space and 'From Ganemede (not sure the spelling) to Jupiter.

PS: Hmmm.,. It must have influenced u greatly.,. your sci fi stories fly over my head.,. ;)
Well readers, Raj has a blog where his creative juices make up a complex intricate sci-fi stories. He is currently writing one named "The Corridor Story". Well, that's if for now Raj. Thanks a ton for being a guest in the PERFECT SHOW and sharing your learnings. It was a pleasure to have you in the Show. I wish you on behalf of my readers a Happy future and all Smiles and Success in all your endeavors.
RS: Thank You Prashant. It was fun to be in the PERFECT SHOW. :)

The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.
Bertrand Russell

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