Monday, June 16, 2008

Chaos Inside

His mind was completely clouded. He wasnt able to decide what to do.,. He couldnt ask his parents for he didnt want them to become anxious about him. He glanced to his left at his desk. The letter which he had got from the company was still open, dancing to the rhythmic gushes of the fan. Why of all things should he be chosen now ? All these thoughts whirled inside Arvind's Mind as he sat there thinking about what to do.

6 months ago:

Arvind was doing his third year in MBT National Institute. During the 6th semester, he had done an internship in Zlec company, a well renowned Management company. It was the first time, the Zlec company had come for internship and, he and 3 of his mates had got the internship offer. What was more exciting was the fact that 2 of them will be getting the job offer from the company at the end of their internship. Zlec had been his dream company and he had always wanted to join it someday. The internship offer from Zlec made the prospects of him getting the job, much higher. He had given his best during the internship.,. At the end of the period, the company management had called them for a meeting where all the 4 students were applauded for their good performance and told that one of them will be getting a job offer. This made the 4 students, slightly anxious.,. The company had said that generally they took 2 students, yet this time due to the dampening economy back at US, they were down-sizing the work force. Arvind was sure, he will get the offer. After all he had always shown a keen interest in all the work he did and had the passion to learn more.

The job offer came 1 month later. His friend, Nitesh had got the job. This left Arvind heart-broken. He had always dreamt about joining the company, had even informed his relatives and friends that he will be joining the Zlec company in 4 months. He could take this. Agreed that Nitesh was a class topper, yet he was more of the book-worm type. Arvind didnt have anything personal against Nitesh, yet to be frank, Nitesh was a book-geek.,. Anyhow, quetching now isnt going to make things better for anyone. His parents had always supported his decisions.

Arvind parents never told him anything.,. They had always allowed him to make his own decision. On that day, they sat down and had a discussion regarding his career. His father suggested that he had good chances of getting into IIM's and that he should prepare for it. Arvind had always thought that once he took a decision he followed it to the end, irrespective of what the situation is. After all he had no choice now.,.Unlike his other friends, he didnt want to join a job immediately,.. Getting into some other company was out of question,as he had wanted to get into Zlec and if it isnt Zlec, it will not be any other company. Yes he will do MBA.

Arvind got enrolled in a coaching institutes and devoted himself to preparing for upcoming CAT . He made good friends during this time, with whom he shared his thoughts and strategies on preparation. He had found a good friend, Anubhav. Anubhav was also studying in final year, in Uttar Pradesh and he was also preparing for CAT. They had become friends online and Anubhav complemented well in his preparation. The two of them became very good friends over a course of time. His final year was also passing by quickly, but he was enjoying himself..

Then suddenly this letter... Zlec company had written that they had an opening in their company and considering his good stint during internship, he can join the company if he wants. He has to reply back by September 31st, wherein after the offer will be withdrawn.

A stunning bolt of lightening.. Yes, thats what you call this.,. When he had wanted it, he didnt get it., but when he least wanted it, it was being given to him in platters. He was increasingly torn between joining Zlec company and pursuing his MBA education. What if he didnt get the seat in IIM's. With so much competition, will he be able to make it... Yes, i will join the company. But then what about IIM's. Though there was intense competition , Arvind was someone who relished competition. And he was sure, he can pull it off. And what about the friends who he had made on this CAT preparation journey...

He didnt want to bother his parents about his worry. They will agree with whatever he decided. He didnt want to trouble them with his silly queasiness.,. Torn between Company and MBA, he logged in gmail. He wanted to ask someone about this. But who... He didnt want to paint a sorry picture of himself before his friends. Shall i ask my friend Anubhav.,. He didnt have Anubhav's number to call( Should ask him his number next time, Arvind reminded himself). As if on cue, Anubhav's name appeared on gtalk. Arvind had always believed that there are signs and patterns around you. Anubhav's appearance now, at the moment when he thought of him,was no mere co-incidence. he pinged anubhav immediately and poured out his heart. Anubhav listened patiently.,. when asked for his opinion, Anubhav said: Arvind, relax for sometime. You know what to do. Just let it go for sometime and you will really know what you want to do. Just because you are anxious now, you are unable to decide what you want. Give it some time ,and if u still feel that you want to join the company, go ahead and join. In case, you feel preparing for CAT is what you want, do that. I know you will achieve what you want.

The clouds started to disappear in Arvind's mind. Yes, What anubhav said made sense. He still had one month to decide and send the company people his reply. Anyhow, after joining company now, it will require a lot of his time and energy and he doubted if he will get time to do his higher studies. Anyhow its better to prepare for MBA, finish his MBA studies and then he can always decide what he wants to do. Yes afterall, the matter wasnt as complicated as he thought. Thanks to Anubhav, he was clear about what he wanted to do now.

After all the chaos inside had brought out two things for him. One ) It determined him more to give his best in his MBA preparation. Second) He got a trust worthy friend who had been at his side.,.

Overall , the Chaos wasnt bad after all... ;)


ramya said...

nice post prashy! watch out for typos!

P.S said...

@ Ramya: hey thanks ramya. Will keep an eye for the typos... ;)