Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This thought came as when i was browsing through an article in Times of India . Its one of the hottest topic currently talked about (much spicier than the Kissan's Spicy tomato sauces..!) Yes it is the US Democratic presidential nominee campaign, with two prominent campaigners leaving no stones unturned in wooing the people to vote for them.

A lot has been talked about and a lot predicted. How the dice will turn ,only time will tell us. Yet what caught my mind has been penned down here.

The impending interest around the Democratic Presidential Nominee Campaigns is self explanatory. The person who will be getting elected as a nominee will be getting a shot to occupying the White House and who will have the power to change the fortunes of the multitudes. So naturally, this event is looked with same interest as that of a suspense thriller movie.

One of the other reasons why this Democratic nominee campaign generates interest is because it will be the first time that a woman or a black man are getting a chance to have a shot at the Presidential seat. What amazed me is the fact that almost all the newspapers, media stresses on the point "black" man. It is appalling to see that the country which claims that they have created milestones in eliminating barriers between people and which stands for the rights of the people, are still sticking to the "black" syndrome.

I do understand that discriminations like this will exist. One can argue the fact that in case Obama gets nominated and becomes the President, it will mean that people are not discriminatory. Yet my point is the fact that the word "black" man while addressing him explicitly shows the fact that the inherent mental block we have amidst us is still there. Yet i do understand that we have come a long way, from a time when the people labeled blacks were despised and poorly treated. Sure,a lot has changed. Yet not so much as what is expected of us.

As we go ahead with the our life's, one thing will decide the fate of all of us. Its not what a person is due to his/her birth, but what a person is by his virtues, actions and talents. That will decide what footing a person will have in the world. Iam sure the inherent attitude in the people will change as we enter the next phase of human renaissance. Only when people began to respect other people and when they treat others as they are meant to, the world will flourish and the one dreamt land of Atlantis will materialize... When that moment comes , lies in our hands... Like Gandhi said, "We must be the change we want to see in the world"

“To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.”
- Charles de Montesquieu


Charlie~Thotti said...

I agree

P.S said...

@Charlie: I appreciate that. Thank You :)