Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Get rid of Credit Calls - 100% Performance Guaranteed.

Before you start imagining that the above lines are a marketing gag, let me clarify that Iam yet to get into such business ;). It is about the credit calls from credit companies which Iam sure all people, (particularly the software people) are plagued with. On an average, in a week a software professional can expect to get calls from atleast 5-6 different credit companies. And how our contact numbers end up in the hands of the Credit Call Folks(CCF) is a mystery.

One explanation goes like Credit companies have an arrangement of sharing the information of the customers or so called prospective clients between themselves. Their symbiotic relationship ends with we getting miffed.

Iam not sure how many of us know that when we sign the Credit card agreement,there is an statement (written in very small font) which states that the Card Holder gives the Credit Card companies the right to share our contact numbers with other Credit Companies so as to provide enhanced servies to us.(Encouraging a person to take more credit and being in debt is indeed a great service !! )

To stop the incessant calls from CCF, I had heard of a solution where if we register in a site or send a sms(which one Iam not sure) to a particular number,our contact numbers will not be shared with other credit card companies. But the effort taken to lodge a complaint and by the day where we see the results will be for long.

In the fast paced world, where we look for immediate results, i came across a solution effectively practised by one of my friend , which not only guarantees immediate results, but also guarantees long term stability. So i thought i will share it with others for everyone's benefit.

A typical conversation that happens when a CCF calls you. Phone rings... Trink Trink..

You: Hello
CCF: Good Morning Sir/Madam (S/M).

You: Good Morning.
CCF: S/M Iam XXX calling on behalf of XXX Bank. We are offering New credit facilities to our esteemed Customers. Can you provide some details about yourself ?

You:(Think) Ok, so what Iam supposed to do ??
CCF: S/M, Which company are you working for ?

You: ABC company
CCF: How much will be your annual salary ?

You: Around 20K
CCF: What is your designation in the company ?

You: Software Engineer
CCF: S/M, we have an concession for your company specially. We offer Gold Value Credit card, where you get 5% cash back offer blah blah .......

Depending on whether you are interested, you go for it(Be assured that in the day itself, you will get calls from atleast 2 other CCF). If you are not interested, you say i already have a Credit card and after giving an excuse you keep down the phone albiet the calls from CCF will come incessantly.

Now the solution to the problem, Where in the conversation goes like this.

Phone Rings ... Trink Tring. You know that a CCF is calling you from the typical nos.

You: Hello
CCF: Good Morning S/M

You: Good Morning S/M
CCF: S/M Iam ...... calling on behalf of XXX Bank. We are offering New credit facilities to our esteemed Customers. Can you provide some details about yourself ?

You: Ok S/M
CCF: Which company are you working for ?

You: ABC company
CCF: What is your designation in the company ?

You:Handy Man
CCF: Are you a permanent employee or on a contract basis ?

You: Iam on a Contract basis
CCF: How much will be your annual salary ?

You: Around 4K.
CCF: Oh.

You: I need a Credit card please. When can i get one.
CCF: (No response or will ask some other Q about your finance)

You: Please give me a Credit card. I badly need one.
CCF: ( Keeps down the phone.)

Not only the CCF himself keeps down the phone, he also updates the database about your eligibility criteria(in a way informing other companies also). Hence no other Credit card company will call you up again. My friend who followed this strategy hasnt got any calls from any CCF after this one conversation.

So we have a solution quite Simple yet Effective !!

If you have come across any such information or any experience, why not share it with others. I would be glad to know of other creative ways to stop Credit calls...:)


Charlie~Thotti said...

The idea you have listed is a very very nice one. It should work if the companies share information. I know of two alternatives:

1. Govt of India has created a Do Not Disturb list (I don't know the exact name) where you can enter your number and the companies will have to verify the number they are about to call with that list, and if they call a number on that list they have to pay a hefty fine. It was well publicised and came in quite a few newspapers also. Ask around and find out if that applies for situations like these.

2. Otherwise, you can do something like this guy does:

Youtube link:


P.S said...

Cool Buddy. Thanks for sharing the info. Useful ;)

Ravi Kumar said...

I definitely liked the idea.... look forward to apply them :)

P.S said...

@ Ravi: Yup ravi. Now iam waiting for the Credit folks to call so that i can play the game on them. Sadly no one is calling now :-(

தமிழ்நெஞ்சம் said...

for the last 3 months i didn't get even a single call from Credit card marketing..

I think due to inflation only it is happening..

your story narration is simply superb