Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Day With a CalTech Educatee !!

Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle.
— Igor Sikorsky

We have an youngster back again in the PERFECT Show. This Young man has been fascinated by Planes ( have heard that somewhere , Right ?? ). Well, we are not talking about honorable A.P.J.Abdul Kalam in his young days, but about Prakhar Malhotra, a graduate, pursuing his MS Aeronautics in California Institute of Technology (Caltech),Pasadena, California, United States.Some of his achievements till date are:

• A Member of CALTECH Y- a community service and extracurricular activities organization affiliated to Caltech
• Was Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Science Talent Research Scholar-05 by government of India for the Best Summer Research Project in the country.
• Was awarded Caltech Graduate Fellowship for pursuing masters in aeronautics at California Institute of Technology, USA.

The flight commences --->


Host: Prashant Sree - ME
Guest: Prakhar Mehotra - PM

ME: Hi Prakhar, Welcome to the show.
PM: Thank You.

ME: Here's the launcher.,. What are you passionate about in Life ?
PM: I am passionate about Planes..Space shuttles

ME:How did your passion began ?
PM: Hmm...Truly speaking i am passionate about discovering something new, something different ..thats y i am at Caltech doing research :)

ME: Good to hear that. so how did it all began ?
PM: all began with my summer research fellowship at IIT-K. and with my meetings with Prof Sanjay Mittal. It was he who inculcated the seeds of research in me & gave lots of cool fundas of life.

ME: Now, the 2nd launcher :). What have you learnt in life till now, which you would like to share with others ?
PM: How to be patient...and that Marks don't make a man. i have also learned how to wait and to trust people...and to listen to what others r saying.

ME: Good insight !! :) Particularly the 2nd one.,. Can you provide any instance for us ?
PM: Suppose you are in a team,,,,then,,,we must wait and give other members some time before expecting something from them and my experience says they will show there best & give there best.

ME: I really like that Now the 3D radar.. If you can have any one wish to change anything in the world, , what will u wish for ?
PM: Aa...tough one...mmm..I would change the mindset of our politicians.

ME: hahah :) Any thing realistic ;)
PM: Mmm..i would change...i would change the visa rules :) :)

ME: Lol :) Speaking from Experience..?
PM: Ya ..i will change the visa rules :)

ME: Cool :). Then who is your favorite mythological hero ?
PM: Lord Ram.. he is ideal

ME: And your reasons ?
PM: He is ideal son/husband/brother/warrior.

ME: :) He indeed is. Ok now , What would you like to stand for in your life ?
PM: Nothing great,,,,i don't want any one to remember me...just whomsoever i meet in my life...he/she should not get sad/disappointed because of me. i will try my level best to make everyone i meet happy and help them that's all. i should bring smile on face of everyone i speak with.

ME: I appreciate that very much friend. Now, what do you consider your charm in your life ?
PM: I thinking that what ever happens, happens for the best. Even from failure .You get experience. Experience is what you get,when u don't get what u want - Prof. Randy Pausch

ME: Is he your professor or a legendary philosopher ?
PM: He is a professor at Carnegie Mellon. He gave an awesome talk. i took this line from him but..ya i feel never feel sad that you failed.

ME: A good one !! What is your thumb rule for life ?
PM: Keep your part...leave no stone unturned and leave rest to the one sitting up there.

ME: Nice !! Who are your role models till now ?
PM: My parents...Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam..Prof. Sanjay Mittal. And ya "Dream Dream dream. Dream transform into thoughts and thoughts into actions " Dr. Kalam told me when i met him at IIT


ME: Oh, you had a talk with him ?
PM: ya...For 5 minutes. He had also come to Caltech. Talked with him on individual basis for 5 minutes. He told me to come back to country and serve it.

ME: Interesting buddy !! Which books have motivated you very much !!
PM: Wings of Fire, Argumentative Indian and...Inheritance of loss

ME: Thats it buddy. We have come to the end of today's show. Thank You very much for being a guest in the show. Iam sure that you will go on to achieve many more laurels for our country. I wish you, on behalf of my readers success in all endeavors.
PM: Thank You. It was a pleasure to be in the show.

Well Thats it folks, Hope you enjoyed the Show as much as I did. I myself had many learnings to take from this. Iam sure that you too had your own share to take :).

To Sum up::

Real flight and dreams of flight go together. Both are part of the same movement. Not A before B, but all together.

— Thomas Pynchon


Sundar Rajan G S said...

Great Work da!! Keep up the show!

Ashish said...

Waaah mere lal ;-)

P.S said...

@ Sundar: Thanks Sundar. Will endeavor to keep it useful..

P.S said...

@Aashish: Thanks Buddy !!

MysteriousGal said...

it seems ya r inspired by ram bt i suggest dnt be so idealistic...he left sita mata bcoz of his hurts naa...