Friday, February 1, 2008

Who will be the "Roger Bannister".

Yesterday i read an article "Stronger Rupee = Stronger India" where the Author had discussed the pros and cons of the weakening dollar and strengthening rupee.,.The article also cited the action being contemplated by few software companies about making employee's work one extra day so as to offset the dollar loss.

We, who should be proud about the strengthening rupee backed by a buoyant economy, are in contrast, contemplating the possible repurcussions of this happening. The author wondered why Indians are still depending on low-level service from abroad and why instead of the immense talent pool, we are not able to come up with innovative inventions or discoveries.

Left me thinking about who will be the "RogerBannister" for INDIA, to show us our real potential and change our beliefs.

For those who haven't heard about Roger Bannister, here is a small summary about him. He is called the MIRACLE MAN. Why ? He ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds. Doesn't seems a big deal, Rite ??

You are right.By the modern day standards, this is not a great achievement.But at that time running the mile in four minutes was believed to be entirely beyond the limits of human foot speed. And in all of sport it was the elusive holy grail.

Physicians predicted that running a mile in 4 minutes is not possible because our body is not suited to withstand that amount of strain. It was considered to be beyond the limit of human speed. One writer* explained that the figure seemed so perfectky round - 4 laps ,4 quarter miles, 4 point oh-oh minutes,- that it seemed that God himself has established it as a man's limit.

All said and done,Roger Bannister not only set a new record but also shattered the belief that it was humanly not possible for any man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. Ironically, less than 2 months later, Roger Bannister record was broken by an Australian athlete who ran a mile in 3 minutes 58 seconds.Since then the record has been broken, bettered many times.

The significant learning is that it was Roger Bannister who went on to show the world that what they thought was unachievable was in fact a stigma, which can be broken by changing our belief..
Similarly in our life, we have so many stigma's attached , that we do not even think of doing something just because some has said it cant be done.

If only we realise the bound-less opportunity around us and live life to the fullest, by changing our belief, Life will never be the same.

* - cited from the book -Tales of Coaching.

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