Monday, November 26, 2007

OSO Musings

After few weeks, i got a chance to see the OSO-"Om Shanti Om" film. Apart from the rave reviews and expectations which the film had generated, once the film released many of my friends were quite letdown about the movie. No SRK action loaded scenes... So i already had my own reservations about the film.
my thoughts about the film ----
Firstly, the movie is a good entertainer, with few exceptions(where some scenes leave u wondering why it was put in the first place.).
The thing which interested me were :
Reincarnation & The Thought, which gets repeated ample number of times.
Firstly, the reincarnation theme is a isolated genre which few directors taking a shot at it. Although being a refutable topic, i liked the analogy between OSO and Matrix.SRK(Om Kumar Makijha,in the film) a junior artiste longs to become a Superstar someday. His friend, Pappu(Shreyas Talpade) tells him that he cannot become a superstar with this name. So he advises him to change the name to kapoor or khanna. SRK tells his mom that he can never become a superstar with this name and probably he needs to have rebirth to become one. This prediction proves right for him as he takes rebirth as a son of a famour actor and becomes a superstar.
This is similar to Matrix wherein the Oracle tells Neo that he may not be the "ONE" and that
he still have got to learn a lot. Maybe next life.
Secondly is the thought :
"When you desire something the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

This proves right in the help where the desire to become superstar was so much that his wishing turned to a reality. OfCourse it is refutable that Taking rebirth to attain one's goal may not be practically possible, but such instances have occured and its the Universal Power in action...

I have left the OSO movie review out of this topic. I prefer i leave it to the experienced and more avid fans ;)
Overall, a good masala entertainer, wit
awesome sets and costumes of 70's era !!

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